Fetish time.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Deep down inside we all have our favorite type of clothing we love to see on the opposite gender. You know, the type of clothing which makes diverts your attention anytime you see it on a woman. Some guys can’t stop staring on women wear fish net stockings others love the idea of their women teasing them dressed in pink Hello Kitty briefs and tops.

Like any man on this planet I have hidden desires as well. Knee socks on sleek women makes me quiver, makes me want to explode of attraction. It’s a shame I hardly ever see anyone wearing socks reaching a bit above the knees because it's both warming......................and keeps my heart beat up as well! So it's really a win -win situation.

Uniforms have off course always been the source of arousement and we know that be the fact that strippers tend to be dressed in uniforms. Tennis uniforms are high up on my list, so if a woman would want to get me out my home for exercising, she would easily be able to do that if dressed in an all white tennis attire. Giggidy giggidy! Any confession to do on your own, break it down in the comment section.


BruceMcc said...

I admit it...I have a stocking/fish net fetish.

Rubber Fetish said...

I love the photos.....Its very lovely...