Look of the month: February

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Valentino SS08

Booked restaurant reservations trigger the dandy inside us men. Reservations make us shave, take a share and dig deep into our wardrobe for our finest ware. It might be the fact that we have grown up getting told not to step inside a restaurant sloppy or because proper restaurant visits are expensive, there’s just something about it which brings out the finest in us.

Typically most people tend to jump into their suit or a blazer for a more casual appearance. Unlike a job interview a restaurant visit isn’t formal, there’s a more glamorous side to it as a result of the money spending, alcohol and perhaps company in the form of human of the opposite sex. Therefore the typical white shirt + red/blue tie doesn’t cut it. This months outfit is an example of the perfect outfit for fancy dinning. Bordeaux coloured wool blazer, beige trunks and a black/white dotted shirt with a matching pocket square, is not example what the most guys have lying at home. It all comes together where nicely and it’s comfortable and casual as well thanks to the absence of a tie/box tie or sock for that matter.

Generally everything doesn’t have to match and often a playful shirt, pocket square and well designed cuff links is all that’s needed. Caution needs to be divas can easily over dress. One flamboyant piece is enough for a subtle but yet seductive outfit.