Model of the month: Gisele Bundchen

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Cashing in a whooping $33 million last year it was inevitable that she would get some exposure here. This month’s model is none other than Brazilian model extraordinaire Gisele Bundchen. With her endless portfolio of magazine covers and advertising campaigns she is today’s biggest super model. She isn’t a dumb one either and seems to be aware of how lucrative the industry can be for a model with her status. Last year she parted ways with Victoria’s Secret because they wouldn’t meet her new salary demands, not only that, but she is rumored to have begun rejecting America’s monopoly money, aka the US dollar, in favor of the more powerful Euro. Gotta give her a high five for the later one because as she approaches 30 her bum will get soggy and before she knows it, she will be considered “old”, so I’m fully supporting this Brazilian in her hustle to get those millionz while she can.

British men might be the blame for why she’s not begging to get paid in old mighty sterling pound instead or euro. Apparently she has cold heartedly said in the media that she dislike British men. She might have been put off during a high profile event by some 42 years old investment banker pulling dry Monty Python jokes. OR Gisele has simply not been charmed by Jeremy Clarkson’s ruthless honesty, Chef Ramsey’s cursing or James Blunt’s child-like voice. In the end all those three, including me pale in comparison to her type of guys… know…….like Leonardo Dicaprio or her latest catch, New England Patriot’s(Go Patriots!!!) super quarterback Tom Brady(three time super bowl winner)! Life seem to be greener on the other side of the Atlantic, for her at least, but I can't blame her for being picky. Her body has divine powers strong enough to turn a nun into a lesbian, a really panty wetter. Even with short hair Gisele’s seductiveness is as strong as gravity. Grrrrr!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Giselle is indeed the most beautiful model on the planet. I don't think her bum will get soggy for many years though, compared to all the newer modeles, she is Venus, and they barley ... the witch in Hans and Gretel?