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Monday, 25 February 2008

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Doing my quarterly routine maintenance of images and folder I came across pictures I took on Friday. A few weeks I ago I finally took the step and bought my first camera, a Cannon IXUS 70. So far I love it, it’s barely takes 1.5sec to fire it up and quickly snap a shot. The design itself is very appealing which is why I opt for it instead of the Sony which had the same price tag but came with 56 on board memory. If you’re looking for a good, affordable and stylish, party camera/all-rounder it’s worth checking this one out.

Anyhow on Friday I went along with two friends for an overpriced Chinese cuisine at Ping Pong. Since I live what I preach I unconsciously cooked up an outfit in the same spirit as “February’s outfit of the month”. I didn’t want to look like some of the business executives who visited the restaurant for some after work cocktails, so I went for a young and fresh appearance and topped it of with Bond. No 9’s Andy Warhol fragrance which commands a metallic, mystic but seductive odor.

street style, fashionable, style, trendy

And for the curious minds, the pictures were shot in my room. The pink walls were absolutely not a choice of mine but now when I have lived in the room for a few weeks I'm surprisingly warming up to them. They keep a happy aura in the room. Can't believe I' m saying this, but hey they are better than boring white/beige wallpapers common in most rooms.

The dinner itself was a pleasant experience although I was heavily let down by the interior d├ęcor of the restaurant which was black, white and minimalistic and lacked any form of Chinese decoration or spirit. We had half the Pacific Ocean on the plate with seafood like cod, squid, caviar, sea star including some other unidentifiable organisms which made me feel like I was eating an extraterrestrial. Next time my tongue is aching for cocktails I'll head over there again because they were splendid.


Anonymous said...

you look great except for the ashy skin...I don't know if i'm happy that i've found a fellow black male that has a similar style to mine...


Luwalira said...

Ashy skin? Hahaha year I'm a lazy when it comes to keeping my hands moisturized and I tend to get very dry during winter.

MoMo said...

Like reading your blog - it's refreshing. Hope you don't close it down. I'm not really a cat.

Stylesalvage Steve said...

This look is great. Young and fresh yet bearing similarities with Fred, so much better than your average inhabitants of Ping Pong. I was at the one in Southbank last week and wore skinny apc jeans and a blue double breasted cardigan from American Apparel and most of the men in suits thought I was exterestial instead of some of the dishes!

J W said...

Hey! You look great! Hope you settling well in London now.

Man Fashion

Benjamin Harrison said...

Ping Pong is woeful. Like Pizza Express or Strada, the fact that its a chain owned by a private equity group is made blatently obvious by the banality of the decor, food and clientele.

You look great in these image.

Luwalira said...

momo: Thank god you're not a cat, I find them to be shady. I'm glad you're enjoying my blog!

Steve: Suits bare no status here in London since every other guy is wearing one. A Canary Wharf executive will easily dissolve amongst the inner city "professionals" riding on the tube.

J W: London is loving me, and I'm loving it back. Still in search for a job, other than that everything is working out. Thanks for the compliment.

Benjamin: The cocktails were great but the food failed to flatter me. Personally I would have been much happy eating Asian food for 3 pounds in Camden Town. At least there, you get value for your money.

Sandra said...


Ferm said...

Surprise of the day, I'm commenting and it's about cameras! lol.

Anyway, congratulations on the buy. And I think you did the right thing not to go for Sony. Once you go Sony you have to stick with their memory cards and other accessories which costs alot more and isn't necessarily better.