AW08/09: Thome Browne

Saturday, 8 March 2008

New York based tailor(designer??) has unseen of creativity sparkling in his head as well as high level of lust for life in the fashion industry. His latest work is the unofficial launch of a new segment, tailors haute couture.

If the fashion industry was a pack of cards then he would be of the jokers. Only he himself and God know if he conceived his AW08/09 under the influence of alcohol or under the gun point of vicious circus apes. In either case, the result is short of striking. When the first images surfaced my initial thought was “What the………..?”, but with a smile on the face. I hate predictability so Thom bizarre collection was nothing but a positive shock. Fashion seasons would be a complete bore without irrational designer. What Thom has done is like taking a high pressured fart in a crowded bus, it’s initiated by instinct, it’s wacky but once it’s done you embarrassingly feel great about yourself.

It doesn’t take a fashion guru dressed in black turtle neck to figure out that this falls into the basket for non-wearable collection. Despite the craziness there not denying that this is Thom’s work, the knee high socks, gray suits and signature designs are all there. Many of the pieces will be available for purchase but don’t hope on encountering trendy New Yorkers feeding bread crumbs to pigeons in Central Park dressed in a gray full feathered peacock suit.


Siamese trousers? They give a new meaning to the phrase “I want to get in your pants”.

More fantasy than reality.


Cute winter hats

Cool make-up/styling.

Very funny, I appreciate humor.

Grade: 4.1/5. This isn’t something you can critique like a “normal” fashion show. It’s meant to be looked at with 100% seriousness. Nonetheless it’s very charming and pleasing to look at.