Cars for the vain.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Regardless of how basic the essence of a car is they can be regarded as accessories. Although a Skoda Octavia can effortlessly transport a family of four people from A to B, some people still chose to buy a fully loaded Mercedes C 200. One can off course argue that the Benz is more comfortable but there are those who will buy a premium car because it makes them feel better and look more “wealthy” in the eyes of the world.

Don’t be fold by the guy parking a Porsche Boxter by the mall, a car never tells the full story about a person’s financial situation because there are many young men who roll around in a spanking new Golf GTI……………………..but live in a constrained room in their mom’s apartment. It’s a status symbol we are willing to sacrifice a lot for and I guess that you fashion conscious men out there care more about the design of a car than the average Joe, right? After all a car is a design item which reflects ones taste the same way as a watch does. Below here is a list of new cars which perfect for the cautious modern man.

Audi TT-S

Audi stunned the world with their revolutionizing TT which instantaneously became a hit. A particular group of people who fell for it were the young and trendy people working in big cities. Those were mainly stylists, female boutique owners, metrosexual men and it didn’t take long until the car was stamped as a “hair dresser mobile”.

Two years ago the second generation TT was born and is less claustrophobic than the, a masculine tone in the form of more shaper lines and a sportier character than its predecessor. In other words the car isn’t as sissy as the SLK and the top of the line version TT-S(pictured) is even more aggressive. What makes it a favorite of mine is its high level of aesthetic appeal. There is nothing to fault in the design and it captures your attention like a holographic image. Exceptionally well designed car and the ultimate choice for someone who is looking for a "cool" car.

Alfa Romeo Mi.To

Cult classics like the Mini, Fiat 500 and VW Beetle are universally loved by everyone and a new generation always equal to sales success. Italian car maker Alfa Romeo wants some cuddly lover as well and has decided to do so by developing a cute car. The chosen name is Mi.To pronounced similar to “Me Too”, very catchy and is a must for car of this caliber.

At the moment information is scares but it’s due to hit the show room floors this year. Size wise it falls between the Mini Cooper and VW Golf and will come with a similar price tag as well. I suspect that the mature, Italian and sexy design will make it appeal to a slightly more mature than the Mini Cooper which can at times look a bit too goofy toy-ish.

Mercedes SL63 AMG

The Mercedes SL has a long life span and each generation tends to be on the market 11-13 years which is twice as long as the average car. This year the car reached it’s middle age and Mercedes’ design time have stunned with a dramatic facelift transforming the “uber dream car” from classy looking roadster to a aggressive jet fighter inspired sports cruisers.

SL63 featuring Mercedes’ new 6.2L torque beast of an engine, is replacing the SL55. Other new technical goodies are the MCT transmission which is a revision of their 7-Speed transmission but have been reworked to use a wet clutch discs instead of a torque converter. What does that mean for the non-technically inclined? Faster gear changes. As a Saturday boulevard shopping cruiser this car is perfect, it’s a convertible, it’s a Mercedes, it’s fast and there’s space for your best friend holding your chiwawa!


If there is a manufacturer who is doing everything right, it must be BMW. Right now they are on a high roll, the automotive journalists love their cars and sales are increasing at an impressive rate.

Mercedes sparked the trend of “four door coupes” with the CLS and many other manufacturers like Porsche and Audi are right behind preparing their additions to the trend. BMW have just limped in with the X6 which is an SUV with a coupe shaped roof. It’s strict four seater car which, with its compromised practicality, aimed at those who are willing to sacrifice style over usability. In other word it will not be an attractive trade-in for people who own an X5 with a 7 seaster configuration.

With the BMW signatures like the bold character line, kidney grills and “angle eyes”-head lights it will not be mistaken for anything else than a BMW. The huge ass, size and cheer width will guarantees attention in traffic.

Bentley Brooklands

Last but not least is one of my biggest obsessions at the moment, the Bentley Brooklands. Words cannot describe how perplexed I am by this car. If the Rolls Royce Phantom is an elephant then the Brooklands is a horse. The long and sleek profile accentuated by the classic contours and body lines along the sides of the car makes it the most exquisite car on the market oozing of Bentley’s commitment to bespoke quality.

The subtleness and reserved design makes it look more expensive than the rather ostentatious Phantom Coupe. Contrary to most two door coupes it has an incredibly generous backseat with enough leg room for anyone in the back to enjoy a long trip in comfort. Practicality does come at the cost of size and weight and this car is heavy as a British steam train with its 2600kg(approx 5200lb). Timeless and elegant this is a classic which will age beautifully.


M.I.L.O said...

Dude what a post :P

I totally agree with you.. hey i ride around on a bicycle and i'm rich as a muthaf*ucker :P

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