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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Dior Homme

Spring is here, the SS08 campaigns are in motion and SS08 collections have been up for grabs since February. It’s widely known that Kris Van Assche is the captain of the boat at DH following the dismissal of Hedi Slimane. Van Assche’s design direction is radically different from Hedi’s which made me anticipate a reshuffle this spring at all DH stores ranging from décor to the merchandise. But visits to all London’s Dior retailers proved my anticipation to be pure fiction, everything is like as if Hedi has not left the building.

Realistically a reshuffle happens over a few years since a new designer needs time to reinvent the brand. As a DH fan I had a chitty chat with a DH sales assistant and asked him whether DH’s jeans will de discontinued anytime soon. Thankfully the answer I got was positive, the jeans will remain on the shelves for an indefinite period of time. Hedi’s work for DH has been like a nuclear bomb, the long terms effects are more severe than the impact himself. He left DH as a martyr and has a big fan base of saluting followers on the internet.

Dior Homme

The jeans have become a modern day classics and my Spiderman senses are telling me that they are here to stay, even Marc Jacobs wear them! To the average person they don’t look much than the average pair of premium jeans which is something is can’t object to because it true. But the magic is in the fit, it’s absolutely perfect. They are of the slim type but the fit isn’t tight or discomforting. What’s great as well is that they aren’t too narrow in thighs marking them very wearable for us mortals who don’t have tights the circumference of a 1.5L coca cola bottle.

Dior HommeDior Homme

As one would expect the Dior tag does come with a price tag commanding a premium price. The cheapest pair of basic blue/black jeans begins at €/$175 with the top of the line waxed and luster jeans setting you back just under €/$500. Except for the different width(17.5cm, 19 and 21cm) at the bottom of the jeans all of them pretty much have the same fit which is a fantastic concept. That alone with perfect fit the superb quality makes them worth the price. The absence of logos, monograms or embroidery on the pockets makes them very timeless and suitable for all occasions. I’m a happy owner of a pair, the feel of the materials and the fit is just as if they were new.

DH SS05 is probably one of Hedi’s best collections ever and is the ultimate exhibition of DH’s jeans.

Dior Homme

Dior Homme

Dior Homme

Dior HommeDior Homme


Anonymous said...

i think marc is wearing a slimane jacket in the shot as well...no?

Joel M said...

Thank you!
I've been so upset ever since the departure Of Hedi, that i refuse to go into the Dior Store for fear that I might transform into this ______. It feels great to know that everything is the way Hedi left it. Hedi Slimane- I Love You!

You could read my post on his departure at my blog:

Luwalira said...

Anonymous: Yes, that lovely jacket is DH as well.

Joel M: I'm still hoping that Hedi will walk down the path of creating a brand of his own. He can easily sell a lot of clothes in his own name.

MARQSMEN said...

I'm Certain Hedi will launch his line pretty soon. He's such a super talented designer with a loyal following. I'd buy a Hedi collection for my shop sooo easily!

I'm just getting my blog on men's style started: www.marqsmen.com

Martin said...

Vem är det på översta bilden?...snacka om rippad! ;)

Martin said...

En fråga till...jeansen du skriver om "för oss som inte har pinnar till ben..utan mer muskler"..förstod inte riktigt vad modellen heter :)

Låter iaf som en modell som skulle passa mig perfekt! :)


Luwalira said...

Martin: Den rippade snubben är en random kille som langade DH T-shirts på eBay. Bilden är typ två år gammal, hittade den under veckan när jag grävde runt lite i mina bild mappar.

Som det står i inlägget så har alla DH jeans samma passform och skillnaden mellan storlekarna(17.5cm, 19cm och 21cm) ner till är små när de kommer till passform runt låren och röven.

Gillar man benpress så bör man så klart inte försöka slingra sig in i ett par 17.5 centimetare =)

MARQSMEN: Yes his line should be introduced soon(hopefully), though it seem like his preoccupied with photography at the moment=(

nickling saint laurent said...

hence.. death hasn't become them. i enjoyed this post in all its splendor. very illustrative and focused. always the fan.