Leather goods.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

In most corners of the world buying a bag means walking to the local luggage store to pick up some dull Samsonite bag or grabbing a messenger bag from a sports store. The choices tend to be very few. It feels like men’s desires for bags are completely neglected like an orphan, and in some places finding a well designed bag is an impossible mission. But here in London they know how to treat a men right. The United Kingdom has a long history in tailoring and craftsmanship, and from what I have seen the tradition is still alive.

Dunhill and Mulberry are only a few of the countless designers and companies offering fine leather goods for men. Feeling embarrassed walking into a bag store full of women to find out that they only have 3 bags for men is not an issue since some of the stores I’ve visited only sell bags for men! Lately I have grown affection for konjac coloured leather goods. The richness and glow of the colour attracts me almost like an infant wanting to touch a bon fire. It’s a lovely colour which is bold but yet not offensive thanks to it’s brown softness.



tack o du har en helt fantastisk bra blogg ...gillar dina bilder...
och dem här väskorna...måste bara ha