Look of the month: March

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Kris Van Assche AW08/09

Although global warming has contributed to less harsh winters in many places in the northern hemisphere, still there are many locations around the world where people are patiently waiting for spring while battling with cold breezes and rain. Nothing gets the job than better than a padded aviator jacket with a fluffy collar and best of all is that it looks cool.

Looking cool is the aim of most kids, and you can see the pride and confidence in their faces when they are wearing something from Nike or have a sunglasses on standing with their arms folded. But sunglasses are such a cliché especially if worn when the sun isn’t shining like a halogen bulb. It has long been said that trying to look cool is un-cool but this month’s outfit is an example of restrained coolness. What a splendid outfit, the lumberjack shirt, industrial cap, boots, and aviator jacket is the fusion of hip but tasteful outfit. The recipe is quite a familiar and successful one consisting of a short, shiny and slightly puffy jacket, dark trousers stuffed inside boots.

It’s classic way of looking young and fresh. A leather jacket is the preferable choice, not only because they imitate a hardcore look but also because they last very long and can in most cases be worn for several years. Like pictured on me above the leather jacket is in its third year and I have no intention on retiring it anytime soon. The hottest accessory this year is chains, they were popular during the 90s and haven’t seen since then but now they slowly coming back. Belts and wallet chains are also useful for completing rebellious attire.


blak000 said...

You look pimpin in that picture. Very stylish. I like it.

2kungfu4u said...

Great stuff. I'll definitely be back to read more. I just started a blog where I intend to do some men's fashion posts. I've got one up, but there will be more soon.