Upside down.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Victor & Rolf, Milan

I’ve seen a fair share of cool and just when you think that everything has been done, something unthinkable appears. Victor & Rolf are known for fashion shows using unorthodox props. They intriguing creativity is one of the reason they are well renowned and their latest store in Milan easily makes it to the hall of fame.

Victor & Rolf, Milan

So what they have they done? They have designed a store with the entire interior upside down, i.e the floor is on the ceiling and vice versa. At first sight it delusional and after looking at more pictures one begin to grasp how crazy and outrages the idea really is. The facial expression on people passing by it and stopping up must be priceless. Spiders and ants walking on the ceiling must feel incredibly confused.

Victor & Rolf, Milan


BruceMcc said...

Woah-ho. That's insane.

Even after continued glance at the pictures, the whole idea gets no less confusing (and certainly no less interesting). Awesome place.

Luwalira said...

It is indeed an awesome store. The toilet and sink shouldn't be upside down though=P

Isabelle said...

Great post! I've put this on our blog round-up, the images are amazing.

Luwalira said...

Thanks Isabelle. You forgot to mention the address to your site.