Tuesday, 25 March 2008

After one year I feel that it’s time for my dark brown leather Mickey Mouse wallet to retire. I’ve simply out grown it and I bet that many of you have more cards than there are slots in your wallet. Really, most of the new cards we acquire are fall into the basket of cards we don’t need and my latest addition of useless cards is a free admission card to a casino and card for refilling my prepaid cellphone card. Despite that I somehow don’t want to leave them at home. It’s like the stickers on a laptop or a new camera, they serve no purpose, you can live without them but still decide to leave them on until eternity.

The biggest drawback of the majority of wallets(including mine) is that they lack a compartment for coins, leaving no choice but to drop coins in the left jeans pocket rattling together your keys. Those looking for a solution to this imperative problem should look no further than this entry. Pictured above is a calf leather wallet from Felisi which can properly accommodate coins in its zipped compartment. Three slots gives plenty of space to shove down grouped cards. Naturally not everyone want to walk around with a hamburger sized wallet which is every man and woman should invest in a card case perfect for a party when one only needs to carry a drivers license and debit card.


The Nine said...

But it feels like every nice wallet cost more then my house rent. it's hard to find a nice wallet for a good price

Luwalira said...

Yeah man, that seem to be the case and this once isn't an exception with it's $345 price tag.

EJ said...

Hey, just thought I'd make sure you'd seen this:

your banner is even featured in the graphic!

Luwalira said...

EJ: Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know about that. Great to see that you are featured as well=)