Computer problems - Blog put on hold.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Once again I’ve been hit with the whip of mass production. Having been in for repair three times before, my HP Pavilion dv9074ea has let me down once again, and this time having more health problems than a 92 year old war veteran. The graphic card has been toasted for the second time making the computer as useful as a door stopper.

The graphic card began spooking last week and completely gave up on Sunday. I have had a dialogue with HP for a week now and the experience has been like addressing a communal complaint to a government official, in other words similar to speaking with to concrete wall. Having called them 5 times makes me I wish that I had bought a Dell. I’m expecting a call from them today and if I don’t receive one, I’ll be going medieval on them over the phone tomorrow. How does this affect the blog?? Until Hewlett Packard replace my brick for a laptop with a new one, you’ll barely see any new posts since I’ve got my bank of images in my laptop. Well, at least now I’ll have plenty of time to devote to my university course works and final exams. Since we are on the subject of laptops, here are some that I would gladly take in exchange for mine:


Had a chat with my case manger a few hours ago. Apparently she claims that my laptop has only been in for repair 2 times which is utterly false, it's been in three times but I don't have the receipts here in London. Either way the only solution they can offer me at the moment is a repair which isn't an option for since I have personally sent in my laptop three times and that entitles me to a replacement. Either way it looks like Hewlett Packard have messed up and won't honour the warranty agreement. So I'm going to spend the next 3-4 with a laptop and will at the end of the month fly back to Sweden, return the laptop to the retailer, claim a refund and buy a DELL. HP has just flushed our relationship in the toilet and have most likely lost me as a customer for ever. So long HP, hello Dell!


As big as my head is I’m going to swallow my pride by calling HP and let them pick up my wrecked laptop and repair it. That way I won’t have to waste money going back to Sweden. I feel deprived of writing and need a computer ASAP.

Sony TZ-series

One of the absolute smallest laptops out there and might even fit in the pockets of some Safari cargo pants.

Dell XPS M1330

Dell computers have always looked like office equipment melting blending in nicely amongst photo copiers, document shredders and staplers. With the M1330 Dell showed the world that they have finally discovered the idea of establishing a design department and hiring people who.........*drum roll*! Bravo Dell and welcome to earth.

Apple Macbook Pro

The height of gadgets is an all aluminium casing, and that’s what makes the Macbook pro so desirable along with the amazingly sleek design. It’s pretty much the best laptop money can buy, the design is sexy and the specs are top notch. So bad it cost a small fortune.


LVMH aquire Hublot.

Monday, 28 April 2008

LVMH, Hublot, Big Bang

Luxury giant Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy’s latest acquisition pray is Swiss watch maker Hublot. Having existed for a mere 27 compared with other watcher makers which have been around for as many years as 150-300 years. Hublot have done an impressive job establishing themselves at one of the prominent and elite watch makers. The main product in their portfolio the Big Band featuring a rubber strap and a bold industrial design, has seen it’s sales shooting through the roof the latest years.

LVMH, Hublot, Big Bang

With increasing sales and a bright prospect, the timing of LVMH’s acquisition last wek couldn’t have been better. They had to act fast before the arch rival the Richmond Group would have barged into Hublot’s headquarter with bags of money. The Richmond Group have brands like Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, A. Lange & Söhne, Officine Panerai, Baume et Mercier, IWC, Piaget in their pockets Baume et Mercier making them the biggest luxury watch concern.

LVMH, Hublot, Big Bang


Look of the month: April 2008

Sunday, 27 April 2008

D Squared SS07

Halloween is the day of the year when drunken young adults take on different cultures by dressing up in national costumes or impersonate a historic persona. Besides all the drinking, isn’t that a beautiful thing? The UN should have picked up on this long ago and tried to make Halloween a global holy day.

Sadly that’s where the public tribute of other cultures end. For the most part people dress accordingly to what’s worn in their respective nation. To Designers do on occasions use oriental inspirations for their collection but tend not to be received very well but the rather conservative population of this planet. Obviously taking on foreign cultures doesn’t have to be walking to the local grocery store dressed like a sheik or like Mayan tribe leader. A sprinkle in the form of accessories is sufficient like with this awesome DS2 outfit.

Coming from the SS06 collection which is D2S’s best one so far, this look pretty standard except for the washed out jeans, necklace and hat which does all the magic. Naturally something like this is worn best by people who feel relaxed sticking out and stepping out of their comfort zone. Then there is Brokeback Mountain which has forever associated young cowboys with homosexuality, but if you’re secure about your sexuality then that’s not an association to worry about. I have a lot of respect for Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger for what they did. You wouldn’t think that two guys like Vin Diesel and Mr. T would have the courage to take on such controversial roles.


Becks 2 : TomKat 1

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

David, Victoria, Beckham, Tom Cruise, Ketie Holmes, Fashion, Celebrity

Earlier this week Victoria Beckham celebrated 34th birthday, and at the party she and her overvalued soccer player for a husband David mounted a display of fashion excellence. Dressing in matching colours they demonstrated that are in a joyful matrimony making decisions together. Looking perfect like always Victoria isn’t the star this time, but David who came through looking slick in what I suspect to be a tailored Tom Ford blazer and coat.

David, Victoria, Beckham, Tom Cruise, Ketie Holmes, Fashion, Celebrity

Cutting off the dizzying pattern with plain black trousers David follow the golden rule of not dressing in bold clothes from toe to head, resulting in a very tasteful outfit. The classic length of the blazer plus the deep cleavage and perfect fit of the suit makes me green of envy. Unfortunately the same thing can’t be said about a slightly chubby Tom Cruise who attended the glitzy festivities. Although he had a little something something going on with his steel gray double breasted suit, black tie and aviator glasses, the wrong tie selection and baggy trousers made it a mission incomplete.

David, Victoria, Beckham, Tom Cruise, Ketie Holmes, Fashion, Celebrity


Muse bags for men.

Monday, 21 April 2008

male, men, bags, muse, murse, birkin

Messenger bags have long been the default choice for any man in need of bag for daily use or for the office rat a portfolio. As the market for clothes and accessories for men continues to peak to the sky, designers give birth to new products derived from their female equivalent. Muse bags, similar to shopping bags serve as the perfect bag for women to carry even more dead weight then what’s in their smaller hand bags. Now we gents have an opportunity to engage in the same junk carrying lifestyle as women.

Yves Saint Laurent "Attaché case"
male, men, bags, muse, murse, birkin

What’s so attractive about muse bags is that can gulp items of different shapes unlike messenger bags or portfolios, which tend to get bulky if stuffed with objects which aren’t flat and rectangular as a table. During spring big bags come in handy for those who don’t travel light leaving their home every morning with an umbrella, A4 sized note pad, romantic novel, Nintendo DS Lite, free newspaper, 1 litre bottle of evian water, Zune/iPod, a fruit, wallet. If that’s in line with what you’re comfortable carrying on a daily basis then here are some lovely bags which should fulfil your needs.


male, men, bags, muse, murse, birkin

Yves Saint Laurent "Muse Bag"

male, men, bags, muse, murse, birkin


The death watch is ticking.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

There comes a time when a design movement has to retire, but before that can happen a new movement has to emerge. Bauhaus/minimalism has now reached the point of exhaustion. In fact the movement can be considered mainstream since one can’t flick through a real estate magazine without yawning as a result of sterile and non-expressive interiors.

Interior architects have forgotten what’s it’s like to be human, where are the emotions, the irrationality and the impulsiveness? The majority of today’s interiors are too generic and crafted by academics who work with their brains rather than their drive and passion. It’s all very fake since the interior of a house needs to be pictured like a gallery, let people capture what you want to say and who you are. Instead of hiding personal memorabilia in drawers leave them out in the open, similar to what Kaney West has done in his Los Angeles apartment by displaying his affection for the Jetsons. Why repress your personality and who you are?

Worst case scenario is kitting out a home with furniture primarily bought at your average middle class furniture store like Ikea. The result tends to give a fabricated impression. Many people would feel embarrassed visiting a second hand store since that might give the impression that they are not well off. It’s an unfortunate perception because second hand stores are a perfect source for décor and small pieces of furniture. Prices tend to very low, with opportunities to bargain as well.

Lastly I have a few pictures of my favorite houses at the moment. The first one is of a perfect size for a family or anyone who wish to invest in a property with potential of appreciating in value. Personally I would rather see the facade painted in a more natural colour like blue, but the red/pink-ish colour is nonetheless striking.

Next up is a very interesting piece of architecture. With the coolest drive way man could ever build, this house is one to remember. The view from the cubicle on the second floor is marvelous as well.


FW08: D&G Men's Wear.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

D&G, Italian, men style

D&G fall into the same basket as Armani exchange and Just Cavalli. They are brands I associate with people who think D&G and Dolce & Gabbana is the same thing, Premier League soccer players and those who what ever as long it has a famous Italian brand on it. What’s the common denominator here? Tacky clothes! D&G tend to offer designs of an over expressive nature similar to what one can find in a mainstream store selling “Italian couture”.

D&G, Italian, men style, magazineD&G, Italian, men style, magazine

Everything with a D&G label isn’t trash though. AW06/07 was a well composed collection featuring many wearable pieces. Although AW08/09 isn’t on the same level it does offer outfits attractive enough to evoke affection. The majority of outfits are what you can expect from a typical D&G collection but there are a quite a few goodies in there.

D&G, Italian, men style, magazineD&G, Italian, men style, magazine

With an array of ground colours D&G is in line with many of the other designer who want to paint us humans in forest camouflage colours this fall. The visual experience is very natural and harmonic. Favored materials are wool, velvet and even more wool. All in all, the type of materials which will keep you warm during a slightly frosty autumn afternoons. Inspirational layer on layer outfits featuring suit and tie will ensure warmth preventing genitals from crumbling into the size of a British plug during cold and windy nights. Splendid outfits for people who don’t want chilly weather to stop them from dressing formal.

D&G, Italian, men style, magazine


The usual trash.


Colourful tartan patterns.

Oversized fur hats.

Blazers with beautiful cuts.

Grade: 5.2/10 For the first time a D&G collection is more interesting than a Dolce & Gabbana collection from the same season. Although the overall outfits are rather appalling, the attractive ones weigh slight more.


TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Caliber 17 L.E.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

tag heuer, grand carrera 17

If I die today, I would want my soul to reincarnate into a mechanic beauty like this time piece. A mere 1 000 will be manufactured, all sporting a 18k rose gold case but with 500 featuring a silver dial while the other half will ship with a brown dial.

tag heuer grand carrera 17


RL is to dress US olympic team in high-fashion glory.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Ralph Lauren, Olympics 2008

The prologue to this year’s Olympic Games has been nothing short of eventful with headlines about the notorious so called “Olympic thugs” and China’s relationship with Tibet. Fashionistas who have kept a distance from the political turmoil can finally find some sense of grace in this, thanks to good news involving Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren, Olympics 2008

RL have taken on the task of commissioning the attire which the American athletes will be wearing at the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympics. With long history designing sports attire for “finer” sports like tennis, golf and polo very few other American designer posses the same skills in creating formal sports attire like RL. Below is a sketch of a very classy summer outfit that they boys will be wearing. The potential imposture out there who might plan on sneaking into the stadium to parade with the American team might be glad to know that the clothes will be made available to the public for purchase.

Ralph Lauren, Olympics 2008

"Apparel from the entire Polo Ralph Lauren U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Parade Outfit collection will be available for purchase in the United States—with the official men’s Parade Outfit tie in numbered, limited editions—as well as a collection, comprised of the designs represented in the athlete village wear pieces, inspired by and celebrating the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams. All products will be available for sale in June in Polo Ralph Lauren retail stores, select department stores, and, with select items available on the U.S. Olympic Committee website."