Computer problems - Blog put on hold.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Once again I’ve been hit with the whip of mass production. Having been in for repair three times before, my HP Pavilion dv9074ea has let me down once again, and this time having more health problems than a 92 year old war veteran. The graphic card has been toasted for the second time making the computer as useful as a door stopper.

The graphic card began spooking last week and completely gave up on Sunday. I have had a dialogue with HP for a week now and the experience has been like addressing a communal complaint to a government official, in other words similar to speaking with to concrete wall. Having called them 5 times makes me I wish that I had bought a Dell. I’m expecting a call from them today and if I don’t receive one, I’ll be going medieval on them over the phone tomorrow. How does this affect the blog?? Until Hewlett Packard replace my brick for a laptop with a new one, you’ll barely see any new posts since I’ve got my bank of images in my laptop. Well, at least now I’ll have plenty of time to devote to my university course works and final exams. Since we are on the subject of laptops, here are some that I would gladly take in exchange for mine:


Had a chat with my case manger a few hours ago. Apparently she claims that my laptop has only been in for repair 2 times which is utterly false, it's been in three times but I don't have the receipts here in London. Either way the only solution they can offer me at the moment is a repair which isn't an option for since I have personally sent in my laptop three times and that entitles me to a replacement. Either way it looks like Hewlett Packard have messed up and won't honour the warranty agreement. So I'm going to spend the next 3-4 with a laptop and will at the end of the month fly back to Sweden, return the laptop to the retailer, claim a refund and buy a DELL. HP has just flushed our relationship in the toilet and have most likely lost me as a customer for ever. So long HP, hello Dell!


As big as my head is I’m going to swallow my pride by calling HP and let them pick up my wrecked laptop and repair it. That way I won’t have to waste money going back to Sweden. I feel deprived of writing and need a computer ASAP.

Sony TZ-series

One of the absolute smallest laptops out there and might even fit in the pockets of some Safari cargo pants.

Dell XPS M1330

Dell computers have always looked like office equipment melting blending in nicely amongst photo copiers, document shredders and staplers. With the M1330 Dell showed the world that they have finally discovered the idea of establishing a design department and hiring people who.........*drum roll*! Bravo Dell and welcome to earth.

Apple Macbook Pro

The height of gadgets is an all aluminium casing, and that’s what makes the Macbook pro so desirable along with the amazingly sleek design. It’s pretty much the best laptop money can buy, the design is sexy and the specs are top notch. So bad it cost a small fortune.


Anonymous said...

I just got an old PowerBook G4 because I started working as a copywriter, and even though its nearly 4 years old, I'd still prefer this to any pc. I used to be a PC guy, but since I started using mac, I have been in love with the way everything works. It's perfect! And this mac will last at least a year or two more before it needs to be retired, so I think the money you'll spend on a mac now, will be saved later on, because it lasts much longer!

iluwfashion said...

The Mac linup is pretty lousy . It's either the Macbook with a crappy graphic card or the overly expensive Macbook Pro. There's nothing in the middle. But I'm thinking about picking up a refurbished or even a used Macbook Pro.

AC said...

I had a powerful but clunky custom built PC laptop last year, and on a whim I gave it to my brother and bought a Macbook Pro. I can tell you right now, for work or play, there is nothing better! I run linux/XP/OS X on it, but really, once you go OS X there's no going back. Pony up the money. I highly doubt you will regret it. It's expensive, but what is OS X worth? It's worth hundreds more than XP or Vista in my opinion. My productivity is much improved with its interface; I hardly miss my dual monitor desktop. Also consider its large trackpad, LED-backlit matte screen, quiet fans and illuminated keypad. It's slim and the aluminum is great on the hands and easy to clean. Hit me up some time to chat. I own 2 of them now.

iluwfashion said...

I have been thinking about a switch to Mac, and today I don't have an excuse since bootcamp allow me to run XP and OSX. But the MacBook Pro doesn't example come bundled with my favorite cereal, too expensive at the moment:(