The death watch is ticking.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

There comes a time when a design movement has to retire, but before that can happen a new movement has to emerge. Bauhaus/minimalism has now reached the point of exhaustion. In fact the movement can be considered mainstream since one can’t flick through a real estate magazine without yawning as a result of sterile and non-expressive interiors.

Interior architects have forgotten what’s it’s like to be human, where are the emotions, the irrationality and the impulsiveness? The majority of today’s interiors are too generic and crafted by academics who work with their brains rather than their drive and passion. It’s all very fake since the interior of a house needs to be pictured like a gallery, let people capture what you want to say and who you are. Instead of hiding personal memorabilia in drawers leave them out in the open, similar to what Kaney West has done in his Los Angeles apartment by displaying his affection for the Jetsons. Why repress your personality and who you are?

Worst case scenario is kitting out a home with furniture primarily bought at your average middle class furniture store like Ikea. The result tends to give a fabricated impression. Many people would feel embarrassed visiting a second hand store since that might give the impression that they are not well off. It’s an unfortunate perception because second hand stores are a perfect source for décor and small pieces of furniture. Prices tend to very low, with opportunities to bargain as well.

Lastly I have a few pictures of my favorite houses at the moment. The first one is of a perfect size for a family or anyone who wish to invest in a property with potential of appreciating in value. Personally I would rather see the facade painted in a more natural colour like blue, but the red/pink-ish colour is nonetheless striking.

Next up is a very interesting piece of architecture. With the coolest drive way man could ever build, this house is one to remember. The view from the cubicle on the second floor is marvelous as well.


The Nine said...

Sa har jag kant mig i fyra manader :D alla har dragit pa krogen forutom jag. Men nu ar man antligen 21 o alla portar oppnas upp for en :) Hur lange bodde du har, du bodde i orange county visst?

iluwfashion said...

Aa jag bodde där i 4 månder, tänker du stanna där? Trots att jag inte kunde köpa bärs så nöjde jag mig med alla uni och frat parties som ägde rum.

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iluwfashion said...

Multifuncional: Thank you very much for the kind words=)