Got skills?

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Hats off to who ever can identify all the designers in the pictures.


DNA said...

1. ?
2. karl Lagerfeld
3. Marc Jacobs
4. ?
5. ?
5. Viktor & Rolf
6. John Galliano

Those are my guesses. =)

Anonymous said...

1. dress by Helmut Lang (can't find him in the image)
4. Stephen jones and Christian Lacroix
5. Nicolas Ghesquière
7. John Galliano and Alexis Roche.

Model: Natalia Vodianova

Banana said...

where'd you get these? (Originals)

cheers boss

Anonymous said...

Brill spread.
Even though the Alice in Wonderland theme has been used endless times, using a different scene with the same basic dress reincarnated by a different designer is a great idea.

chromega said... Galliano supposed to be the Queen of Hearts? His expression is priceless.

To the person saying that they can't Helmut Lang in the pic, I believe he's in the picture frame on the back wall to the left.