Look of the month: April 2008

Sunday, 27 April 2008

D Squared SS07

Halloween is the day of the year when drunken young adults take on different cultures by dressing up in national costumes or impersonate a historic persona. Besides all the drinking, isn’t that a beautiful thing? The UN should have picked up on this long ago and tried to make Halloween a global holy day.

Sadly that’s where the public tribute of other cultures end. For the most part people dress accordingly to what’s worn in their respective nation. To Designers do on occasions use oriental inspirations for their collection but tend not to be received very well but the rather conservative population of this planet. Obviously taking on foreign cultures doesn’t have to be walking to the local grocery store dressed like a sheik or like Mayan tribe leader. A sprinkle in the form of accessories is sufficient like with this awesome DS2 outfit.

Coming from the SS06 collection which is D2S’s best one so far, this look pretty standard except for the washed out jeans, necklace and hat which does all the magic. Naturally something like this is worn best by people who feel relaxed sticking out and stepping out of their comfort zone. Then there is Brokeback Mountain which has forever associated young cowboys with homosexuality, but if you’re secure about your sexuality then that’s not an association to worry about. I have a lot of respect for Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger for what they did. You wouldn’t think that two guys like Vin Diesel and Mr. T would have the courage to take on such controversial roles.