Muse bags for men.

Monday, 21 April 2008

male, men, bags, muse, murse, birkin

Messenger bags have long been the default choice for any man in need of bag for daily use or for the office rat a portfolio. As the market for clothes and accessories for men continues to peak to the sky, designers give birth to new products derived from their female equivalent. Muse bags, similar to shopping bags serve as the perfect bag for women to carry even more dead weight then what’s in their smaller hand bags. Now we gents have an opportunity to engage in the same junk carrying lifestyle as women.

Yves Saint Laurent "Attaché case"
male, men, bags, muse, murse, birkin

What’s so attractive about muse bags is that can gulp items of different shapes unlike messenger bags or portfolios, which tend to get bulky if stuffed with objects which aren’t flat and rectangular as a table. During spring big bags come in handy for those who don’t travel light leaving their home every morning with an umbrella, A4 sized note pad, romantic novel, Nintendo DS Lite, free newspaper, 1 litre bottle of evian water, Zune/iPod, a fruit, wallet. If that’s in line with what you’re comfortable carrying on a daily basis then here are some lovely bags which should fulfil your needs.


male, men, bags, muse, murse, birkin

Yves Saint Laurent "Muse Bag"

male, men, bags, muse, murse, birkin


chromega said...

It's tiring, trying to find a bag that doesn't come off all mursey (man-pursey). I've been trying to find one over the past few months(I already have 3 messengers), but haven't had any luck yet. Most of the bags I've come across that are for men, look like they can only be worn by women. Which is a total shame because a lot of 'em have spectacular designs. Or is it I that has the wrong mindset here? Do I look beyond my first impressions of the bag and see if I could pull it off, not making it look like a murse? (or is that even possible?..) Maybe that's it.

Anyways, The two YSL bags you have pictured there look pretty good. But I'm so used to the shoulder strap than the handles, that it would be hard for me to adjust if it didn't have any detachable straps. Who designed the first one? Bottega Veneta or Louis Vuitton? That either looks like BV's signature weaving or LV's damier pattern. Either way, the bag looks stunning.

iluwfashion said...

I get what you mean. I've come across quite a few murse which are waaaaay to feminine, and most of them are in the same shape as the A.Testoni bag, but gladly that one leans to the masculine side of the spectrum.

Yes the first one is an LV bag and is perfect since it also comes with a shoulder strap, the sam apply for quite a few other murse bags.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both of you and feel the same way about the how strongly fashion forward these bags can sometimes come across. I too like the LV bag pictured here ...I think its the 1st one with embossed has great potential because it is hand carry (very masculine)or over the shoulder or across the body
(asomewhat youthful style option)

I personally feel TOD'S offers some pretty nice chice and no matter how fashinable or stylosh they dare to be you can alwasy be sure the overall appearance is MAN.
I believe they offer a good choice since alot of the pieces are made from durable materials (leather/canvas/nylon)

I recently acquired a TOD black nylon messnger bag that has two leather carry handles and a canvas shoulder strap (undetachable)..lots of zipper pockets on the outside with leather zipper pulls.
The I t has 2 compartments one of which has sleeve inside for a laptop...and I think this bag will serve as a great office bag, great overnight bag and a great weekend bag to sue otherwise....I hope to achieve just this much service out of this peiece plus it looks very good and upto date in terms of style.
Hope this helped some.

Cristian said...

I just came across your blog today and I must say: it is THE best men's fashion blog I have ever seen. Great job!
I just read this article and well, I was also recently struggling to find the perfect bag for my needs for quite a while until about a month ago. I was in Emporio Armani just looking around when I see this perfect black weathered leather bag with black nylon straps. GORGEOUS. Although the price was a bit high ($5,900 Mexican pesos - about £300) I got it! It fits everything perfectly. But when I saw the YSL muse for the first time, I totally fell in love with it!

Anyway, I know you don't know me but, I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor? I don't live in England (yet. I will be moving to canterbury in two months), and through store websites I've found some pretty amazing things I would LOVE to buy as soon as I get there, but I can't seem to find their prices. Do you happen to know how much the YSL Muse bag in brown leather sells for at Selfridges (London)? If you don't, could you PLEASE check for me? Please. It's probably a lot to ask but I would really appreciate it if you could.

If you have the chance to check, could you reply to my e-mail?


P.S. Please excuse the bad grammar and spelling as english is not my first language. :)

Haitham said...

Hey, do u have any idea where i can find the second brown muse bag online? :)

Anonymous said...

I like the Testoni bag..i needed a double take. At first glance it does appear man pursey. The only thing i would change is the plaque or emblem. It needs to be rectangle or square and stitched rather than supported by those leather straps. But if you have to have it for fashion sake then fine. YSL muse bag in cognac is not doing it. the shape and the leather key clochette scream effeminate man or woman..sorry. But if you are man enough to wear it then Vive la difference.