Naomi: 1, Terminal 5: 0

Friday, 4 April 2008

You can bring out the glamour in a woman, but never take the gangsta out of her. The launch of the 5th terminal at, Heathrow, Europe’s busiest airport, has been nothing short of a fiasco with hundreds of flights being canceled and baggage lost or delayed. One of the latest victims of the troubled airport terminal is Naomi Campbell.

Sitting on board a plane head for LA a flight attendant presented her with bad news, informing that one of her luggage was unfortunately not able to make it on board. Like any person flying commercial she felt sense of dismay which quickly escalated into anger. As you would expect that was not tolerated by the flight crew who alerted the boys in blue to remove the catwalk diva from the plane.

The sight of cold metal handcuffs awoke the devil inside of her. Having been known for throwing BlackBerry phones at people she launched her latest weapon, venomous saliva, which she spat at a police officer. For the spectacular show she was rewarded with an 8 hour long stay in a cell. Like anyone assaulting a law enforcer she will likely have to face a judge in court within a few months. We all know she's longing to do some community service like she did in New York last year.


The Nine said...

Fan vilken sjysst kampanj eller vad man ska kalla det :D

Ar det ok ifall jag snor den ifran dig?

iluwfashion said...

Det är ingen kampanj utan en editorial, vette fan vad det here på svenska. Men a du kan sno den=)