TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Caliber 17 L.E.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

tag heuer, grand carrera 17

If I die today, I would want my soul to reincarnate into a mechanic beauty like this time piece. A mere 1 000 will be manufactured, all sporting a 18k rose gold case but with 500 featuring a silver dial while the other half will ship with a brown dial.

tag heuer grand carrera 17


fashionholic said...

haha, förstår vad du menar.. men inte vill vi att du ska dö ;)

Anonymous said...

Tag's are always gorgeous. I think the silver dial ones look better though, at least easier to wear with different suits.

I would want to be reincarnated into a Tag Too, such percision, and machining. truely impressive

iluwfashion said...

fashionholic: Visst kommer jag inte att dö.......än=P Hoppas på att leva till jag är 80år.

anonymous: A silver dial makes the watch more neutral and versatile. I have yet to see this watch with with a silver dial though.