Contributors wanted.

Monday, 19 May 2008

The doors to additional contributors are now unlocked making it possible for those with fashion journalism ambitions to participate in evolving this blog. Bear in mind that this is a high fashion blog and not a street or formal wear blog, so your taste and perspective on fashion and lifestyle should be high compatible with the existing content here. On the other hand new ideas and suggests are highly welcomed as well.

Qualities sought after.

Passion: You love writing or you are suffering from verbal diarrhea and love expressing your opinion.

I has a crayon: Writing skills are naturally essential and it’s not just about stringing sentences together but fabricating material which is enjoyable to read.

Witty-ness: Preferable you are unofficially an artist who love painting pictures using words and know how to write with style and poise.

Welcome to the internet: Knowing your way around the internet is essential. Skills in Photoshop are highly appreciated.

Creativity: There is nothing I value higher than a great personality pair with the creativity of just randomly coming up with cool stuff. This blog isn’t a dry “Fashion Guide for Men” so those of you with interest should shine with bright character and flair.

The obvious: Fashion must be one of your biggest obsessions in life, high fashion in particular and like previous stated your perspective has to be compatible with material already available on the blog. Preferably you are already a blogger but those who aren’t are highly welcomed as well as long as they love fashion, know how to express themselves and pull magical articles and features out of a hat.

Interested? Hit me up with a letter at the email address listed on the right.


Adam Engström said...

Seriously. Noticed your blog today and absolutely love it. How old are you? From London originaly?

Anyway, really like your taste and you really got this thing for fashion, Also you are really good at explaining your thougts about, yeah, stuff =)

Bye, from sweden

iluwfashion said...

Thanks for the kind words. I've lived in London for just under 6 months. I'm 21 years old and originally from Gothenburg.

Adam said...

Wow. Thats awsome. Im from Gothenburg, live in gothenburg.

El Dub said...

if your still looking for contributors.

give us a shout.

two journalism students from london.


FABIO who ? said...

I love your blog!!! I would totally be interested in contributing if I had the chance.