FW08: Garconshinois Men's wear.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Garconshinois, Japanese runway fashion

What’s black and Japanese? It’s neither the PS3 nor an executive Lexus LS600 hybrid but Garconshinois’ FW08 collection. Lead by renowned designers like YOHJI YAMAMOTO the Japanese’s fashion industry is on a rise constantly giving birth to new designers, and one of them is Shin. Denoting his existence by glazing symbolic Japanese fashion cues with French silhouettes Shin has with his second fashion collection crafted a collection with cultural substance and poise in form of simple but yet bold designs.

Garconshinois, Japanese runway fashionGarconshinois, Japanese runway fashion

GarconshinoisGarconshinoisGarconshinois, Japanese runway fashion

The collection is unmistakably a Japanese buffet with compulsory boots, sublet dome shaped buttons and dark colours, but with the excess use of fabric left out. The result is more avantgarde and streamlined collection than what we are used to see from the far east. May I say the Japanese equivalence of Lanvin? Garconshinois’ is clearly a fashion house to keep bookmarked Shin, with his ambitions and distinctive designs, shall continue to engrave he’s name of the scene by impressing us with new age Japanese couture.

Garconshinois, Japanese runway fashionGarconshinois, Japanese runway fashionGarconshinois


Great presentation, especially the lighting.

The cuts.

White shirts with black buttons.


Two of the models look a little chubby.

Grade: 7.0/10 Personalized collection making Garconshinois a very promising brand considering that this is just the second one.


MS Reviewer said...

Garconshinois I feel will silently make other similar brands crumble.

Anonymous said...

wow... you're not exactly skinny either