Look of the month: May 2008

Monday, 26 May 2008

Dior Homme AW08

The white shirt is the common denominator of all wardrobes. It’s a piece that every man should posses. As a foundation for any proper wardrobe the white shirt is ironically our most “precious” piece of garments. There’s a holy aura around it which has every owner under the spell of protecting it at all cost. Many people only pull out their white shirts at special occasions and when they do it’s, unlike their other piece of clothing, perfectly ironed. Why do we give such a high level of care to our white shirts??

White shirts happen to be amongst the cheapest clothing money can buy and they tend to be significantly cheaper than any other coloured shirts. It’s such a basic element in our wardrobe and we should rock white shirts like a 2 year old rock diapers. Stain someone’s white shirt and they eyes will turn red with fury focusing on the stain for the rest of the day. Yes, white is more sensitive to dirt than other colours but white clothes are also very easy to wash. The first aid kit in any household is a stain remover, which should be applied ASAP after “disaster” has struck, after a few hours soak it in a bucket filled with detergent and water until it’s time for it to hit the washing machine. Follow those tips and rest assured, you shirt should remain whiter than cocaine. Obviously a white shirt is not to be worn if you have planed on eating spaghetti bolognese while participating in a paint ball war during a rainy day in the forest.

In conjunction with my outfit posted last week, shirts are optimal for warm climates. Unbuttoning allows ventilation and the same goes for rolling up the sleeves. As the sun set and temperature drop, rolling down the sleeves will protect you for any breeze. What’s critical when wearing a white shirt casually is that the fit is slim or else you’ll look like a sales guy on a 15:00 break playing hangman. Sadly cheap shirts are often of classic fit and highly non-trendy for use without a blazer or sweater on top. If laziness isn’t a problem taking a shirt to a tailor is worth the hassle and shouldn’t cost more than $/€10-20.


Coogi2G said...

Great post! I agree, a fitted white shirt is the ultimate fashion weapon - a sharp look that is a cut above the rest!

Slique said...

(Y) Theyve taken the short trouser trend, looks great.

zkqayyum said...

i dont personally like the short trouser look but white shirts are cool.