Premium sneakers

Thursday, 15 May 2008

The battle between form over function is a never ending battle in life and fashion, just ask the girl wearing skirts when the out door temperature is lower than the one inside your fridge.

Some times we want to dress fashionable but be comfortable at the same time, especially during days or occasions when mobility and nothing having to worry about out gear are important aspects. A common dilemma is when you want to wear sneakers…………………but don’t want to appear to wearing to be wearing sneakers. Walking in Stan Smiths, Air Force ones or Chuck tailor when everyone else are wearing formal shoes will make you look at lost as a camel standing amongst a group of giraffes.

What has emerged in Sweden during the latest years is what we can call “formal sneakers”. They have thinner sole and laces giving off a more refined and elegant appearance than the average sneakers people tend to stomp around in. Based in Sweden’s most beautiful city, Gothenburg, the sneakers pictured are designed by Sneaky Steve and retail for 40-120 euros.


fashionholic said...

alla var verklgien suuuper snygga.. ja typsikt att solen och varmen har forsvunnit fran London! jag fryser!!!!

MS Reviewer said...

Rad footwear indeed!!

Lucy said...

Love them all