Summer desires.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Nothing triggers the hunger for retail consumption like a shift in weather. When a hot summer weekend hits, like the one London’s been enjoying the last days, you take a peek in your wardrobe and notice that it needs a supplement of t-shirt and ankle socks. Suddenly your wallet spreads wide open like a 24-hour store with your pockets getting chubby by the countless of receipts you’ve acquired. Here is a list of May’s hottest items.


Standard loafers with a touch a class in the form of a red/black strap held down by a gold coloured closure. Elegant but yet comfortable to walk around in for hours these loafers are ideally worn without socks.

Trilby hat

Traditionally worn by mobster in the 1920-30s, trilby hats a severely neglected to today’s men but have slowly making they back thanks to sings like Justin Timberlake, NeYo and Pete Doherty. During the hot summer a braided trilby hat, preferable made out of straw or a ventilating material, will keep the sun away from your face while at leaving you with a cool appearance.

Picnic bag

As unluxurious as it is, nylon is necessity even in world of high fashion. Nylon is what makes this big bag water resistant. Perfect to keep rain from getting to any strawberries or tuna sandwiches stuffed inside this “Yogi-Bear”-brown bag for a picnic.


If women have drawers filled with bracelets and earrings then men should own a case with multiple pairs of cufflinks. It’s dangerous fascination though since it’s quite easy to become obsessed with collecting cufflinks. Starting with the customary cufflinks engraved with initial and family name one can move on to buying a pair with a logo of the favorite sports team, to later buy non-sense ones in the shape of cigar, dices and such.


Like a typical Ferrari the 599 GTB was sold out the moment it saw day light, waiting lists in countries like the UK and US are right side of 2 years. Used models have been selling for twice the amount of a brand new one! Last week when A1GP occupied lower regent street here in London I got to see the car in metal for the first time. With arches around the corners of the rear windshield the down force at the rear is comparable to cars with traditional spoilers. That’s some aerodynamic magic that Ferrari’s F1 team cooked up.

Elegant proportions with Fiorano design the car was conceived with 100% Italian passion. Listening to the soundtrack of the engine my knees got weak making me want to hijack the ride. The muffled but slightly high pitches noise from 611 was magically hypnotizing. As a stoned 1st year college student living in a dorm would say “Duuuuuuuude, this is some next level shit!”