What's in the bag???

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

There are two things kicks off a cloudy Tuesday in a positive manner. One is waking up to a cute message on your phone for a soon-to-become mistress, and the other second one is “finding” money. Digging for dirty laundry in my wardrobe I pulled up a pair of trousers which had not been worn in a few weeks and was due to spend some times in the washing machine. Checking through the pockets I made a discovery in the front right pocket. Folded three times was a lonely legal tender in the form of a £20 note!! How awesome isn’t that, finding money you thought you never had?

With a £20 note to spare for what ever I want I walked the streets of London realizing that for the first time in my life, I’m in need of a calendar? Having always been the type who stores all his agenda in the head I finally realize that a calendar will help me manage my life a little bit better. When in stress I tend to suffer from Alzheimer and with important things on my agenda I cannot afford having negligence standing in my way. Hunting for a calendar my first pray was Smythson which is a manufacturer of fine stationary.

Horrified by the price of a highly luxurious leather 08/09 calendar priced at £210 avoiding the smell of leather became my first criteria. Lurking around various shops I stumbled across ORDNING&REDA which was a familiar brand name since it’s Swedish. Their wide variety of stationary in various colours had me trapped. Spotting a box filled with 2008 calendar in an array of colours I got even locked in place by the price sign stating “75% off all 2008 calendars”. Available for a just under £5 I knew that finding anything better at a competitive price would highly unlikely. Next up I had to battle with philosophical challenge of choice. With 6 different colours in different textures I contemplated for 10 minutes deciding over which to take with me home. Since the calendar was to spend most of it’s time in my bag I placed every single colour next to the bag to see how they paired together. In the end the navy blue one with a shiny luster became the choice since the dark, matte and gleamy texture makes it look more luxurious than the other colors which were white, lime green and bright lava orange. Alligator green and burgundy would be a great addition to their line of colours.

Replacing my worn out notebook the calendar in a happy home with all the other items I carry with me. I thought that I should attach pictures of what’s in my bag so that all guys who wonder what on earth I might need a bag for. Anyone with moderate IQ level can guess that the umbrella and sunglasses rarely leave together since rain and severe sunshine are two extremes. Water bottle is a necessity which I’m used to carrying with me after having lived in the very dry climate of Southern California. The wallet carries all the cards and cash, camera is very handy and is stored in the red case which look gorgeous next to the blue calendar and brown bag. Since cargo pants with big pockets aren’t going to be fashion anytime soon, I hope that you can now understand my need for a bag.


Trendy Jorge said...

Great choice of colour. It is trendier and more modern than leather. A leather calendar pulled out of a leather bag just seems too much.

As for the use of a bag, I'm all for it. In fact, I think they make a very stylish acessory. I'm not sure about the size, tough. Even if the stuff you need to carry with you does not require a bigger one you should try it. In my opinion, it looks way more masculine.

iluwfashion said...

I'm actually thinking about getting a new bag since my current one barely accommodates everything I want to leave the house with. Sometimes it's really really cramped inside forcing me to take stuff up just to take the wallet out.

Summer sale will commence in July and that's when I will hunt for bigger bag into which I can easily drop things .

Nancy said...

Great idea, it's always good when you have different bag for a different day, as long as you have a place to storage the bags.