Canary Wharf Motorexpo: Part II

Monday, 30 June 2008

It’s time for the second installment of the Canary Wharf motorexpo in London. As the name might suggested the name motor included any other viechle powered by a motor except mow lower off course. In the true spirit of the mighty Royal Navy, Sunseeker yacht manufacturer brought a fleet of luxury cruisers.

Contrary to people’s perception of yacht as means of transportations their purpose is more recreational like an RV but designated for the waters offering sea dwellers a means o residence for illegal fishing, gambling or freely marrying a zebra. Inhaling the smell of new leather one is overwhelmed by the generous space not anticipated when looking at a yacht from the outside.

The largest one of them was practically like a small family house coming with a whopping three bathrooms(more than people have on land), three bedrooms with a total of 6 beds and last but not least a lounge/living room lit up by a 47 inch screen TV. Sunseeker can customize the interior to the customers’ specific taste or needs, making the customers dizzy by the endless choice of wood and leather there is to choose from.

At the Expo there was a star striking sight of Amy Winehouse who was jumping all around getting close up with the cars while attracting the attention of all the bystanders. Realistically speaking the individual seen in the photo wasn’t actually Amy Winehouse but one of the most identical impersonators alive. Her face was a carbon copy of Amy Winehouse and if walking on the streets of central London she would be flocked by people wanting to snap pictures. She had the vast majority of people at the expo fooled except for a few who insisted that Amy Winehouse doesn’t look healthy as the near carbon copy of her shocking visitors at the Expo. In a nut shell she was a sexy mirror image of what Amy Winehouse would look like if she didn’t have a sweet tooth for illegal substances.



Erik said...

What is that beautiful 30s-style roadster? I'd love to get a closer look at one of those.