Father's Day.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The gift junkie has two annual events to look forward to and that’s Christmas and their birthday off course. Dads have a third day when they wake up to a rain of personal gifts, that’s if you have more than one child, and that’s Father’s day. Great right? Leaning back in the living room’s one and only lounge chair while your offspring honor you for being the alpha male in the house.

Not keeping up with important dates like these tends to end up with friends or media remind you that father’s day is coming up this weekend. As lazy or busy most people tend to be they fall into the “father’s day special” trap of picking up the “ideal” gift consisting of a shirt and tie discounted at the local menswear shop. Daddy opens the gift during Sunday dinner, says thank, wears the tie on Monday and that’s all there is to it.

Shirts and ties, which people love giving to men aged above 35, tend to carry zero sentimental value. Why not forget about material gift for a minute and usher your father into an experience of thrill and relationship bonding. Take the Sunday of for some man to man times. Leave the females of the family behind because we all known that they will require 2-3 hours to get themselves ready to step out of the house. More so women can be very non-diplomatic like when we men vote against them on what type of restaurant to visit. The outcome is always similar “Fine, we’ll eat there!” followed by them folding their arms holding their handbag looking directing their eyes away from you all dead quiet pretending that are content with the decision mate. Once in a while men need to spend time with men and take some time off that estrogen.

David Beckham is an active father whom we have seen taken his kids with him to Lakers basketball games. Sitting on courtside is a quite memorable especially the cheerleaders who offer exciting halftime entertainment. David has unfortunately been busted take, what he thought was an innocent and discrete, glance at a slightly voluptuous goddess swinging her onion booty in front of he easily distracted eyes. But hey! What is a heterosexual man to do? Married to a woman thin as a toothbrush you can’t blame him for scoping his environment of sexy cheerleaders.

Those who wish to engage in an unusual activity with their father are recommended to visit a spa or go on champagne/chocolate tasting. Or do something completely random which you’ve never done before and that could potentially make a nice story to tell at future dinners. In the case of indecisiveness a Nintendo Wii plus pizza and a pack of beer will certainly do the trick, as long nobody is so drunk that they mistake a beer bottle for a Wiimote and swing it straight at the television.

If your skin is itching from having too much money and need to get rid of some digits in your bank account, tangle gifts are still not out of the question. Every mature man appreciates fine leather not only because of the luxury factor but because they last long, are in many cases beautiful and can, down the road, be passed on to you or any evil stepbrother of yours. Here are some suggested products from Aspinal of London which would make any father proud of raising a son of great taste.


Toffe said...

Good tips. Paint ball is a great idea!

iluwfashion said...

Yeah paint ball is awesome as well. I planned on mentioning it but forgot.