Graduate Fashion Week.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

GFW, Graduate Fashion Week, London

As a warm up for the SS09 fashion weeks, GFW took place between Sunday the 8th June and ended on Thursday last week. GFW is the abbreviation for Graduate Fashion Week and is a fashion expo giving fashion graduates from the biggest fashion institutions within the borders of the United Kingdom, proudly show off their skills in hope of scoring some sponsorship money for setting up their own label.

On Wednesday last week the gala show took place in accordance with the previous years. The Gala Show is a recap of the entire week with 29 of the best graduates showing off their creations on the catwalk in front of judges who have nominated them for various awards and sponsorship money. Gathered at the Gala Show were “goodie bag” hungry stylists and various editors who were too lazy to attend all the collection which were exhibited throughout the week. Except for collections, other graduates involved in make-up, fashion marketing and other related profession have put their final year projects up on display. The level of talent is immense with creativity flowing like champagne at a P. Diddy party. Dedication and passion is what led to fantastic final year piece making all graduates worthy of applauses.

GFW, Graduate Fashion Week, London
Unlike the top editors and influential critics I wasn’t allocated a front row seat, but a seat on the left side of the cat walk facing the very tip of it. Despite that I was happy that I wasn’t sitting on the very last row of “press” seats like a couple of fellow critics had to do. Spending close to a 100min with my head turned 90 degrees to the left did lead to tension and constraints on the left side of my neck. Still the pain didn’t deter me from my obligation of filling my note pad with comments and various thoughts and emotions evoked by what the Graduates wanted to off.
Chency Yiu Hung
Chency Yiu Hung, GFW, Graduate Fashion Week, LondonChency Yiu Hung, GFW, Graduate Fashion Week, London
What’s astounding was how professional everything was executed, and ranges from the facilities to the actually creations. At a graduate fashion week one would expect to see a whole lot of experimental designs by students who have the wrong perception of high fashion. Instead graduates demonstrated maturity and understanding that the best designer isn’t the one with the most eye catching creations. Not looking like amateurs the graduates at the Gala Show exhibited their very best designs which could easily melt in with clothes sold in a small luxury boutique.

Sarah Kennedy
Sarah Kennedy, GFW, Graduate Fashion Week, LondonSarah Kennedy
Success in the world of fashion takes talent but more importantly consistency and the ability to communicate your designs in various ways. The graduates who managed to impress with self confidence, skills, consistency and maturity were the following: Chency Yiu Hung, Katy Homes, Elaine Kinney, Sarah Kennedy, Simon Waller, Nabil El Nayal and Edward Yip. Not evident in the attached picture is how stunning some of the pieces looked in real life.

Edward Yip
Edward YipEdward Yip

Nabil El Nayal
Nabil El Nayal, GFW, Graduate Fashion Week, LondonNabil El Nayal, GFW, Graduate Fashion Week, London


Adge said...

I love the collections by Edward Yip and Sarah Kennedy. I love's men's clothes that are influnce by the early sixties, late 50's, which is sorta what Yip has going on and Kennedy's collection is just girly, folky loveliness.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i love this kind of fashion week..they bring the fresh talent to the center place

iluwfashion said...

Adge: Sarah Kennedy was one of my top three favorites. Lovely graphics, patterns with adorable play of colours and designs.