Red carpet antagonist.

Friday, 6 June 2008

The red carpet brings out the best in people. Arriving at a red carpet event, all celebrities turn into high class role model super stars. Top female extraordinary plan for big events like they are wedding, calling up Valentino or Roberto Cavalli several a few months in advance asking him to make create a one off dress. On D-day waking up early to spend 3-4 hours at the hair dresser getting the perfect hair cut and makeup is standard procedure.

Ryan Gosling on the hand didn’t bother too much with glitzing himself up before attending an award earlier this year. It is understandable though, since he hasn’t been on the front cover of a newspaper since 2004 when he played a leading role in one of the best love stories ever, The Notebook. So he turned up at award looking like his battling a hang over while in mourning over a dead dog, and hadn’t spent more than 30 minutes dressing up for the extravaganza. Despite the worn out manifestation of his face Gosling managed came on top with an effortlessly personalized red carpet outfit compensating for he’s lacking star quality. The tartan styled shirt blends nicely with his three piece suit but yet white colour evokes curiosity without distorting his admirable choice of colours.

CASIO, gold, watch, retro, vintage, telememo

Demonstrating self assurance and fine taste he choice of time instrument was a golden watch. Although golden watches were during the 80s highly desirable they went out of fashion because they their association with pretentiousness, drug dealers and porn stars, they are making they way back onto people’s wrist as inexpensive style accessories. As pioneers in the area of calculators and digital watches, Casio is the leads the field of retro gold watches.

CASIO, gold, watch, retro, vintage, telememo
CASIO, gold, watch, retro, vintage, telememo


Peter said...

This is a really great blog! Congrats.

How would I be able to get into contact with the editor?

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iluwfashion said...

Editor contact info is listed at the top right side of the page.

Sofiaa ' said...

oh I luw ;) the notebook :)

iluwfashion said...

sofiaa: I love the movie as well and have watched it two times. Will watch it again in the next weeks:)

carpet cleaning services London said...

I love the notebook i think he did great in it!
I also think thats his "look" the laid back i-dont-give-a-rats-butt-how-i-look. Also I think The notebook should have earned him a lot more roles.

Great post!