SS09: Burberry Prorsum Men

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Burberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, Murse
As one of the top three most anticipated shows, Burberry Prorsum always does a superb job as the ice breaker getting people warmed up and excited about fashion season. Delivering a show with trendy clothes and the most booked male models brining press and fans to orgasm there are very few reasons to despise the design house.
Burberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, MurseBurberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, MurseBurberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, Murse
Although the collections delivered during the recent 4-5 season have been mouth watering eye candy, they have displayed a slight pattern of monotonousness. Looking at the collections from a technical point of view they have been near identical with minor differences such as color or theme. The resemblance between all the shows has been so strong that it has been impossible to mistake either of the shows for anything other than Burberry. Creating a strong brand identity is equally as important as designing something that consumers won’t expect in order to maintain a high level of interest in the brand.
Burberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, MurseBurberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, MurseBurberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, Murse

Burberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, MurseBurberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, MurseBurberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, Murse
Christopher Bailey is a smart design who has just as Barack Obama recognized that there is a need for change. Taking a bold 90 degree turn of creating a collection without one single.………..*make a guess*…………… trench coat, Bailey has finally left behind Burberry’s signature piece. This is turning point for the brand that shows the world that there is more to Burberry than just trench coats, which has been the most eminent piece in all their collections. Bailey has even gone as far as toning down the usually overly chic and bold appearance of his creations. With grunge flair the SS09 represents the back side of Burberry with pale colours that would fail to attract the attention of a 7 month old baby.
Burberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, Murse

Promoting multi layering it’s safe to say that people in Barbados won’t be drinking pineapple cocktails wearing any similar outfits to these in 2009. Given how the unstable the British weather is this collection is targeted to people experiencing gray and non exotic summer weather. With coats and blazers sporting straight and simple lines the collection will attract the typical Raf Simons or Jill Sander customer appreciating discrete luxury.

- Slightly excessive use of blue in combination with gray.
- Wearing long cardigans reaching just below the bum, plus holding a murse under your armpit might pass you off as a cross dresser. On the border line of too much feminism.
- Will be too expensive for anyone not prepared to sell a kidney on ebay.

+Flat glossy shoes. *sweet mother of god*
+The Murses(man purses), especially the black ones.
+White shirts with “speed holes”.

Grade: 8.5/10 Presenting us with a predictable but unexpectedly boring AW08 collection Bailey has jumped back on the horse. Showing a different Burberry the SS09 still has poise and desirability without the over exposed Burberry trench coat.
Burberry Prorsum, Men, SS09, Murse, Christopher Bailey


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the review!!!! :)

Nadir Tejani said...

I disagree with the bags-under-armpit thing. I do wear my own in the same way, and I've seen trillions of people in London doing the same. It's practical and it does have a fair amount of chic attached to it.

Cas Ruffin said...

I'd have to say 6.5 for boringness, also considering the hype it was expected to receive. Bailey was right in assessing the need for change, but he might have strayed too far.

iluwfashion said...

Cas Ruffin: At first sight it is slightly underwhelming since it's far less theatrical than the typical Burberry collection. But falling back and having a glass of water does help increase the appreciation for many of the pieces.

Adam Polselli said...

I have to say, I'm a big fan of this collection. I'm all about muted colors these days and, for me at least, I think he has combined them in pleasing, if not interesting, ways. Really loving the pale purple low-neck sweater over the pink/purple button down with shiny gray pant. Discrete luxury for sure. Above all, I like how ready-to-wear all of this is. Minus the murses. Curse the murse.

JSHAW said...

when i first saw the burberry ss09 i just about died, its so fresh, and classic and clean, relevent color choises and seeming good proportions regarding to fit, some peices skinny others oversized etc.... can't wait till it hits the stores...

BeatificFashion said...

Burberry Prorsum ss09 for men is to die. The collection had a sense of understated luxury, but nonetheless was sophisticated and elegant with the rich tones. I personally like the longer cardigans and sweaters- it gave a relaxed feel. The shoes were definitely killer, something I would add to my ss09 shopping list.