SS09: Missoni Men

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Missoni was brightest star as Milan AW08 overshadowing many other designers, as well as those in Paris. Behind the most stunning collection last season high expectations for the SS09 were imminent.

The first impression of the SS09 is deja vu, you recognize the colour of the runway and the wall, but most obvious is the color palette for the clothes remind your of something you saw 6 months ago…….the fantastic AW08. Browsing through the outfit a sense of sadness is evoked by high similarity with the AW08 but lack of WOW-factor. It can be described of listening to a lame cover of an old 80s song by an untalented British pop artist with low paid producers. Very unimaginatively Missoni have taken the AW08 given it a splash of 70s fashion and made it a bit more laidback. Speaking out of disappointment one can say that the SS09 is AW08 minus style and innovation.

Lacking masculinity, edginess or elegance there is very little that’s remarkable about Missoni’s SS08. The biggest disappointment is in the silhouettes, cuts and styling of the clothes which is middle-aged man would be wearing in the 70s on a Sunday sitting in the living room reading a newspaper. Some of the outfits even look a bit grandpa-ish with zero Italian sexiness.

+Colourful knitwear

-Recycling of the AW08 into something boring as ironing bed sheets on a Friday night.
-Pants widening down the knees.
-Too similar to the previous season.

Grade: 2.5/10 is Missoni’s SS09 would have been bakery, it would have been an apple pie with filling and apples all scraped off.


RetroVintageModStyle said...

I recently discovered your blog and have liked it pretty much. I think Missoni was the best collection of Milan SS09, most of the stuff is wearable. Maybe I'm fond of it becuase it's something I'd wear.

iluwfashion said...

I'm glad you like my blog. Most of the pieces are definitely wearable but the cut and silhouette of almost everything is rather tame. The collection isn't strong as the previous ones. The 70s theme itself is a bit half-assed and not executed properly.

Ties-Necktie said...

Quite crazy the way different patterns in the clothing are being combined. I always thought the following to be true (especially for formal attire such as suit, shit, and tie): Combine large with small patterns... For example: Fine pin-striped suit, shirt with large checkered pattern, necktie with fine dots, paisley pattern pocket square...

Thanks for posting.