Extend your height.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Regardless of what you’ve been told size does matter. Whether it relates to the size of your chair on board an aircraft, the dimension of a steak you’re served at a restaurant or the capacity of your MP3 player bigger is always better! As men we’re very particular about dimensions relating to our willy and height since it has it’s manly to be tall the same way it’s feminine to be thin. Just look at how obsessed the pope is, sitting taller than all beings on earth in his customized car.

Getting bullied at primary school for being short there was always the comfort of our teachers’ and parent’s words of comfort that we will grow taller with age. When the age of 20 is reached the skeleton in the body has pretty much hit maximum size leaving hopeless short people with zero hope. Women have the advantage of being happily accepted regardless of height and can always get a few inches closer to space by wearing a pair of high heel shoes. Men are on the other hand left with very few ways of defying ones physical height.

The human mind is highly intelligent but suffers from flaws opening the brain up to exploitation through illusions. In plain English it means that there are ways of looking taller without physically being taller! One of the easiest ways of doing so is by wearing a…….*drumroll* hat or wearing your hear in a way that it gives you a few extra inches. Obviously it doesn’t mean that every short man should walk around with the same silhouette as Marge Simpson. The whole objective is to make the face look more slender like the mast on the top of the Empire State building making it look mightier.

Option number two is dressing yourself in clothes that give you a sleeker appearance notably outfits that expose your belt line leaving the entire length of your legs visible to the world. Take inspiration for super models who look very tall whenever they are dressed in trousers. During the summer heat a common choice is wearing shorts but what more men should do is put on a pair of low shoes and leave the socks at home. Suddenly there’s more leg real-estate visible and everyone around you will be rolling their eyes up and down your legs!


youdee said...

Dark trousers in a uniform colour.
Sleek lines.
Shoe lifts.
Cuban heels.
Vertical stripes.
Voluminous hair.
Good posture (take a yoga class or ten!)

I think all of those help.

Will said...

Great advice! I'm about 5'8 and quite self-conscious about my height, so this helps.

Cristóbal said...

Mysterious fact indeed.
It is interesting that most of collections for this summer are filled with short shorts if you get what i mean.


EJ said...

I'd disagree that most women are accepted no matter what their height- as a taller lady I've met a lot of men that have an issue with it, particular if they are on the shorter side themselves (I couldn't care less whether a man is 5 ft 6 or 6ft 5!) and many of my teensy female friends find themselves being labelled as 'cute' and vunerable.

Back on the subject though, these tips are good food for thought. I think the key is in controlling proportions.

iluwfashion said...

EJ: You're right. Like I mentioned men suffer from inferiority complex and there's nothing men are less intimidated by than taller woman.

I remember in high school there was this very tall girl around 189cm tall and quite attractive as well but I never ever saw one single guy in school trying to hit on her. Her tallness turned everyone off.

As women get older they want to referred to as sexy or beautiful so I understand what you mean with "small" women not positive about being called cute, adorable or petite. Heck I've used those adjectives to compliment relatively short women who look young for their age.