Formal wear.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

So you’ve just received a letter with containing a scented card with raised lettering stating that you’ve been invited to a banquet. The typical first reaction is happiness followed by hours of bitterness over what to wear. Formal festivities are different in that they require unique attire not worn elsewhere and make the navy blue pinstriped suit people pull out for interviews look as extravagant as potato salad.

Quick to solve the problem for blue collar people lacking a formal wardrobe is to head down to the local `Roger Burgess formal wear rental´-shop and nab an outfit that has served the entire neighborhood for 8 years. Although a math’s geek might not feel bothered about wearing an ill-fitting and worn out suit, someone particular about their appearance would rather skip an event staying at home browsing youtube for funny clips. After all, beauty comes from within doesn’t it? Any slightest hint of discomfort or dissatisfaction over how you look will show in the eyes of the beholder. So what if there’s no rental shop offering anything fabulous then acquiring your very own tuxedo may be the one and only way.

The question is whether to buy a not to buy. A tuxedo is typically not something you will be using on a daily basis unless you’re a wedding planer which makes it hard to sell out a third of your salary an outfit that may run the risk of spending most of the time during its lifespan dusting in the wardrobe like a mummy rather than getting makeup smudges from intoxicated classy women leaning their heads on your chest.

Then there is one off occasions in your life that might warrant the purchase of a tux and that might be a gala where you are to be presented with an award or a university graduation prom. The memories and emotional attachment that the tux can become a part of will make the purchase even more meaningful. Just like a wedding dress it will evoke, what will hopefully be, happy recollections of whatever experiences you had dressed handsomely in your tux. Renting a suit for a special deprives you from the opportunity of experiencing history by wearing your attire years down the line trying to reminisce and cherish the past while looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror.

Dress codes at award ceremonies, weddings and formal dinners tend to be very strict, meaning that if “black tuxedo” is stated on the invitation card then that’s what everyone will oblige to. With that being said a Tony Montana styled red tuxedo will most likely not make you appear as a bright individual. Although following dress codes is advisable it doesn’t mean that one has to look arrive to an event looking generic like a circus monkey. There are ways to stand out in an orthodox way and that’s by wearing pieces made out of top quality. Truth be told a well tailored tux of top quality will outshine a rental tux from a million miles distance. Small details like the choice of watch, shoes and cufflinks can make a big difference if one represses the thought that everything has to be black and white. At the end of the day the best accessory is an immaculate dressed date, so if you’re eyeing success then focus more on what they will be wearing.


youdee said...

The most important things about a tux are the fit and the material. I used to have them tailor made which meant I could choose the fabric myself and have it fit perfectly (which often costs less than buying a designer off the rack AND you can guarantee that you're getting quality work rather than just a label). Now I just carry one Bijan and one Armani in black as staple pieces - sort of like a woman's chanel dress!

As far as a tux goes, fit and material aside, they all look pretty similar in design and so i agree that the accesories are the only things that give you scope for a bit of your own flair.

Personally I like to pair a perfectly tailored suit with a coloured pair of shoes in good skin (when the dress code allows). Purple is a personal favorite of mine, coupled with purple sapphires in your cufflinks, a classic timepiece and a black suit it can look amazing.

Feodor said...

oh my
the model in black & white photos is gorgeous