Gianni Versace.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Some designers are just labels while others are mega sized corporate giants consisting of several divisions. Versace happen to be the latter one is unlike many other designers extended beyond sunglasses, deodorants and clothing. Beside all the Versace lines seen in departments stores there is Versace Home collection, and as the name suggest it is in the same branch as IKEA which is home d├ęcor.

As middle class citizens can only afford a scented candle from Versace Home, career-less 27 years old women desperate to marry a stockbroker dream of an ostentatious Versace bathroom. Taking a dump surrounded by Medusa heads is possible in Australia where an Armani hotel is located and there’s a second one currently taking form in what is to become the world tallest building, Burj Dubai, in which the Armani hotel will occupy numerous floor levels.

Those who don’t believe the phrase “there’s no such thing as too much money” can finally put their arms down and surrender because now there’s a way to spend even more money on an already expensive Learjet, Gulfstream or Bombardier. Cruising at Mach 0.85 on the voyage to the height of Mr.Almighty there’s only one way of getting crowned as the God of fashion, and that’s by overlooking the troposphere in a Gulfstream interior commissioned by Gianni Versace.