Prada SS08

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Many designers design smashing runway collection but very few of the collections are strengthened with an ad campaign of the same caliber. Prada stunned last summer with an innovative SS09 collections for men and women. Continuing with the theme for the free state of mind that dominated during the 70s Prada let a graphic artist ejaculate their creativity on a set of screens acting as background for the magical clothes. The end result became what can be described as artistic excellence and the best presentation of a runway collection since Gucci SS07.


Anonymous said...

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00o00 said...

i heart prada s/s 08, one of the best collections to date

Frank & Rémy said...

We actually got a suit jacket from s/s 08, and we LOVE IT!

BeatificFashion said...

At first I wasn't a huge fan of the Prada women's ss 08 collection, however definitely the ad campaigns with Sasha Pivovarova set the love affair in stone. What has come out of the ss collection has been really magical, especially all of the hyper-colored bags with seductive ruffles- for sure more interesting than the standard black Prada bags.

Hip Hype Central said...

the ads are simply stunning.. i love how the pictures were shot.. hands down.. i really want to be a professional photographer i could take pictures like those beautiful models and dresses.. ^^,)