SS09: DSquared Men

Monday, 14 July 2008

What’s up ladies, gents and free range chickens?! Dean and Dan Caten are holding down I Milan for the peeps in Ontario Canada with a blazin hot SS09 collection.

Alright, enough with the lameness and lets resume to normal English. Worthy applause are Dsquared who seem to have picked up a guide on how to design a fashion collection without treating it like NASCAR racing gear, putting decals everywhere. For once the Canadian super designers have also refrained from their normal habit of trying to cover the entire periodic table by putting together outfits which tend to be an orgy of an excessive number of different materials and colours.

Taking a pause from their usual over-exhausted “street-punk”-theme DS2 has for their SS09 turned to barbershops for inspiration. More sacred than your average hairdresser barbershops are really gentlemen clubs but without the cigars and leather sofas and complimentary whisky. While people are getting their hair cut others just stop by for a chat about sports, ladies, politics. The last group of people who might stop by their local barbershop does so to flaunt their new car parked right outside, cell phone, brand new sneaker or gold chain the thickness of your big toe like the ones seen in the images.

Sadly DS2 have exaggerated the theme with models making poses that are so embarrassing that they can make Lil’Wayne turn his back on Hip Hop and form a band with James Blunt. Luckily the human mind is strong enough to ignore the poses and focus on the clothes which are of a summery character and don’t look heavy unlike various other pieces seen in numerous SS09 collection colored in dark and dull shades. Studying some of the clothes in isolation they aren’t season nor trend specific and can form a good base for a high end wardrobe. They will be very appreciated by DS2 fans who’ve have run out of luck trying to get their hands on neutral DS2 merchandise.

-Visible pubic hear which could be offensive to children and most importantly heterosexual men.

-The Stan Smith rip-offs.

-Ridiculous Looney Toons styled poses.

-The coloured socks don’t fit in.

-Wide pants.

-Tyson Beckford’s right arm entirely covered by tattoos.

+Awesome sunglasses.

+Collection with minimal distortion.

+Young and fresh image.

Grade: 6.9/10 Although some might initially be horrified by DSquared SS09 it is one of their best collections in a long while. Easy on the eyes it consists of many wearable pieces which could be nicely mixed with what people already have at home.


Posh-Escapist said...

I genuinely liked the collection. I agree with you that it mostly was definitely wearable.

That brown leather cardigan/jacket looks amazing!

Tyson reminds me of male models that dominated the 90's. Gross. Skinny is in! And I hate that he didn't even bother to put his arm around them at the end of the show.

steelcloset said...

Lol at the Lil Wayne comment and the visible pubic hair. I like the more formal pieces. I think the street punk pieces, while very much in the tradition of DSquared, take away from the merits of the nicer clothes.

Anonymous said...

I personally didn't mind the poses at the end of the runway, since they kind of coincided with the theme. The collection is really good though. But I MUST know who look #20 is. He did the wave thing from one arm to the next, and I thought it was cool. He was look #4 as well. I thought it was Peter Kortenhoven, but it's not.