SS09: Reflections and summary.

Monday, 21 July 2008

As everyone is patiently waiting for the Women’s NY, Paris, Milan and London SS09 calendar we men are left hanging after our disappointing SS09 that didn’t end with a fashiongasmic climax. None of the shows have been astounding to the level that makes you want to rush outdoors and do cartwheels naked on the grass. Anna Wintour was bound to have left Milan disappointed.

Much of what has been created looks like a diet version of the designers’ respective AW collection. The use of dark colour and sober shades of grey, green and brown triggers a sense of fatigue as opposed to enlightenment and joy that usually associated with Spring/Summer collections.

Star of SS09

Dries Van Noten

The highly anticipated DH and Lanvin’s shows failed to evoke the sensation of butterflies in people’s stomachs with earth shaking creations. That led to Belgian giant Dries Van Noten rose to the occasion standing taller than the Eiffel Tower in France when he unveiled an astoundingly charming SS09 collection.


Louis Vuitton

Enjoying the success of his own label and what he has done for the LV women’s collection Marc Jacobs is on a steam train like motion at LV. Sadly he’s failed to stun in the world of men’s wear continuously creating tame collection suffering from a deficit in attitude and style. Having gone through and image makeover and overcoming a drug addiction Marc Jacobs need to fight his tendency of creating collection which looks like it could have been designed by Calvin Klein.

Dior Homme

Shamelessly trying to replicate old DH collection from 2006 Kris Van Assche is steering DH into an ice berg. Not only was DH SS09 pitifully embarrassing but is contains traces of design elements from Van Assche’s own line.


It’s funny that the latest SS and AW Gucci’s collection have the same theme as their predecessors. AW07 and AW09 were amazing which a style and baroque character that should be of the liking of Faberge Egg loving Russian Billionaire who engaging in purchase of crass luxury products. At the other tip of the scale we have SS08 and SS09 which looks like what could have been the result if Gucci designed a limited collection for TopMan.


Burberry Prorsum

Burberry is associated by the beige tartan pattern usually seen on the inside of their jacket and coated around their cheaper line of bags. The second signature of the British brand is trench coats. Bailey has proven that he can comfortably design a high end collection that has a strong identity without using those two elements.


Doing something different from everyone else Etro stunned with an Aladdin styled collection with influences from Morocco and Persia. Gorgeous graphics highlighted by bright colour in shiny materials resulted in a sensual and romantic batch of outfit, though those allergic to glossy clothes might think of the outfits below as appalling.

Kenvin Ferderline’s choice: Kris Van Assche SS09


youdee said...

To my own astonishment, Etro was my absolute favourite this season.

Anonymous said...

third photo under kris van assche is from louis vuitton


Hi from Paris Stylish friend,

as i noticed through your comments that you like stylish people, i just wanted to warn you before i go to bed (it's late in Paris) : my last street style photos could make you fall in love with Paris and the stylish parisian girls ! lol

i wish you a pleasant evening and hop that my com is not intrusiv

cheers from Paris


Juaи + said...

Etro was one of my favs for next summer :P

The Bags from Burberry were amazing

Cristóbal said...

Has i thought. Burberry, and his traditional design is still got style.
Eto did stunned me that much, although i admit it is an original and distinctive collection for this SS.


Terence sambo said...

Kriss van assche collection was very bland to me, nothing that could translate from the runway to reality! he's still living a fantasy. after totally falling behind expectaion on the dior homme collection now i know why he could not portray his ideas for spring 09 Clash of Ideas!