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Thursday, 28 August 2008


Beijing 2008 flashback.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Twelve days of ancient games came to an end this Sunday leaving people with nothing to worth watching in wait for Entourage season 5, Gossip Girl season 2, Ugly Betty season 2 and Prison Break season 4 to commence. China has been an amazing host entertaining the world with one of the astounding performance man has ever created. The innovation and incorporation of a 15 000 people strong force China demonstrated that they are THE rising super power on the planet. Organizers of the London Olympics are probably scratching their heads wondering how they are going to top that since David Beckham kicking a damn ball isn’t move in the right direction.

Anticipated by the fashion crowd was Ralph Lauren’s tailored costume for the US team. Likewise with the Wimbledon uniforms for the stewards and referees RL are once again hustling over priced merchandise on the side. Those living near outlets should spread their wallets open since all unsold Olympic gear is on their ways to outlets where they will be sold at severely reduced priced. Sponsoring the US open as well RL are on aggressive path of fusing fashion and sport into something appealing to everybody while challenging the established sponsors like Nike, Addidas and Puma.

So the American team came out on the arena dressed in the expected colours of the national flag. Thanks to good cuts and various details they didn’t look like British Airways flight attendance. Collaborating with Ralph Lauren really set the USFrance wore the hat a straw styled hat with a ribbon that would have completed the American’s outfit. Joker of the opening ceremony was JapanUS team. If it wasn’t for waving their national flag it would have been next to impossible to guess that they were Japanese team since their outfits were completely dominated by blue and white. Looking very neat the customer designers failed in the way that they dressed the women in the least sexy shorts money can buy.
team apart from the majority who were dressed various semi-grotesque costumes. The only downer was the choice of hat which ruined the pretty image. who turned up dressed very similar to the


Weekend desires.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

A pair of black loafers of mine are reach the end of their life span and will be walking their last 3-9 kilometers the coming weeks and are due to be replaced. London being a true commuter city shoes need to withstand rain, a heck a lot of stomping, running after buses and be durable enough for the harsh condition on the underground where it’s common to be stepped on by fellow hectic passengers. Having had bad experience in the far past buying loafers from Topman which ended up dusting in my wardrobe due to stitching loosening after a few days, I have this week been drawn into high end department store in search for my Cinderella loafers.

Famous for their loafers not to mention great designs TOD’s, Gucci and Prada became my first choice of visits. Scanning through the shelves for slick loafers of traditional and attractive appearance my eyes were drawn to a TOD’s loafers coming in multiple colours but sadly most of their loafers are in velvet and all of them come with tiny soft rubber studs which I would shred through in a couple of hours. Unless you spend the majority of your days walking on red carpets or resting your feet on a mink carpet in a Rolls Royce then TOD’s loafers are not recommended as daily shoes. Rolling my eyes balls towards Prada’s section my eyes locked on to a black loafer with glossy finish. Picking it up in my head I reached the height of euphoria. What an amazing shoe, the quality felt with higher than any the other loafers. The design and thickness of it was absolutely perfect with proper soul with rubber feet, in other words it was a shoe meant to be walked in. Very formidable design that doesn’t distract or steal the attention of what you might be wearing on your upper body. Given the glossy finish it should be incredibly easy to maintain clean by wiping the shoe with a damp cloth. The shoes ticked all the right boxes except for the price. How do I convince myself to drop £245 on a pair of shoes?? I know they would probably last 2-3 but that’s still a hefty chunk of sterling pounds to spend on a single pair of shoes.


The relic.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Like the dinosaurs one of the 90s most fashionable items it got phased out. Both functional and aesthetically cool the turtleneck is one of the iconic pieces of clothing ever. Popular amongst meaty body guards for people like Mike Tyson one looked very trendy in a turtle neck with a gold chain hung around the neck. Sadly the good insulator of body heat and protector from breezy weather is no where to be seen on the market.

Today turtle necks are only seen being worn by arrogant art/food critics wearing prescription glasses with thick black frames, and are people of the character who only drinks mineral water and gets en ego boost from talking about themselves in third person. As pompous as it may look wearing a turtle can transform your appearance into a more mature and wise look, especially if holding a whisky glass in your hand. Earthly colours like black, brown, grey, green, burgundy and dark shades of orange work are the best choices to opt for. Bright and funny colours are an absolute NO and will ruin the whole reserved country club gentleman image. The plus side is that turtlenecks are dirt cheap and don’t retail for more than the price of shirt unless you’re eying cashmere scared of catching a rash on your throat. Jay Fielden, editor of the overly elitist and celebrity oriented Men’s Vogue is a prime figure for how to wear a turtleneck whilst matching colours with worlds highest paid fashion editor, Anna Wintour.


Tom Ford Menswear FW08.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

We’ve hit the middle of August and as leaves begin dying falling to the ground designers are dropping their fall/winters ads in magazines luring us into their stores. Awaited is naturally some sexy ads for the Italians or Tom Ford who set the bar high with his SS08 ads. In full swing with his highly exclusive brand he has managed to utilize his fame and build a brand name in no time turning other tailors that have existed since before Christ into jealous geezers. In spite selling menswear with prices scarier than the increasing price for a barrel of oil Tom Ford has faced no problems finding customers. Already supplying a wardrobe to Daniel Craig for the new Bond movie as well as dressing Will Smith and David Beckham it’s quite clear the brand has against all odds made a mark in the industry of luxury fashion.

Italy banning his SS08 is probably the reason why he, for the FW08 ads, didn’t decide to escalate sexuality to an even higher level. This seasons ad shots contain much less exposed skin than the previous ones, in fact there is barely anything to get aroused over than a sexy brunette chewing on what looks like a grilled piece of chicken from Nandos. But hold on, SS08 looked explicit when the first ads surfaced but got worse when the additional non-commercially published photos made their way out, so there might be some extra footage on the way. Found below are additional SS08 shots but bare in mind that they are not safe for work, so unless you want to be accused of…uhm…..warming yourself up for a mid-day jerk work on a Tuesday don’t view them at your work.

As a substitute for extreme nudity Tom Ford has chosen to stun in an equally controversial manner. With hands on the waist the male model Jon Kortajarena is posing in a way we’ve never seen a man do in fashion before. Leaning with hands in the waist has long been the way for female models to accentuate the thinness of their waist. A man should obviously never ever pose in that manner since it’s one of those things in life that a meant for women like knitting onboard a bus.

On the positive side the clothes look masculine as ever. Pushing an over sized ‘dress for success’-bowties mixed with sophisticated suits in playful patterns, Tom Ford is taking a new approach to Dandy-ism different from the crass Italian approach or the old age British way. This is the new American way of tailoring taking form.


Cold War part II.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Although Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev left office several years ago and the iron curtain is a long forgotten the cold war has risen from the grave. Involving previous super powers Russia and the United States the war has a capitalistic rather than political nature this time. Same as before the war is unexpectedly an absurdly expensive one involving zero physical interaction between both parties.

You might remember the Maltese Falcon, the technological wonder belonging to money flipping Tom Perkins. Until a few weeks ago it was the most the Playstation 3 powered by electronically controlled masts made entirely out of carbon fiber. Sadly for Perkins he had no idea that his equally as overindulgent Russian counterpart was secretly having a toy of his own tailor-made. Russian banking demon Andrey Melnichenko now sits firmly on the throne for the most expensive floating magnum sized schlong prancing through the 4 Oceans.

Hiring super star architect Philippe Starck to craft the interior makes it pretty clear that the yatch didn’t accidentally end up costing £200 000 000 to manufacture. With a length of 120 meters(390ft) the two swimming pools, a helipad and hidden speed boats will ensure that 60 or so guests that can fit on the sea vessel won’t fall into a coma out of boredom. Impressively this battleship look-a-like will cruise across the Atlantic in just 7 days while everyone on board is indulging in luxury very few get the opportunity to take part of.

Onboard a breathtaking yacht like this one has to be dressed appropriately and the only way of achieving a modern day Christopher Columbus look is by wearing oat shoes and a sailing-inspired watch.


Phony looks.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

What happens when a new Hollywood star emerges? The star gets their schedule filled up with photo shoots, press events and interviews. Struggling on a monthly basis to find a suitable figure for a front cover, men’s magazines gets all excited when a male actor rise from gravel. Putting a popular man the front cover plus an interview about how stoned they used to get while smoking weed on board a roller coaster or how much alcohol they used to drink tend to result in bumped up circulation.

Oddly men’s magazines have a tendency of giving actors in their early 20s a pathetic styling treatment. With artificially looking facial hair resembling well taken care of genital areas and excessive retouching young stars are made into look more sterile in order for the cover not to look like it’s aimed at fanatic teens. Funny enough the end result often mimics a girl dressed and styled as a man for a school play. Shia Labeouf is not an exception and has been transformed by both GQ US and Arena magazine into something that would make Megatron laugh his screws off.


SS09: Dries Van Noten

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

If one has dreams of ever dressing like a proper man giving up skinny jeans and neon coloured jackets then Dries Van Noten SS09 is the ideal pitstop. Like an automatic gearbox this collection shall ensure a smooth transition to a new wardrobe.

Reaching his peak Dries Van Noten has designed a collection that overshadows anything he has created before. Using materials exquisite as Belgium chocolate Van Noten have managed to bring to about admiration that tend not be evoked by collection of the same style. At first sight the impression made might not give you a summer crush but as one scrolls through the various outfits it all comes together thanks to the glossy peanut butter-coloured shoes. Other details like buttons, traps and accessories further pronounce the degree of passion that conceived this charismatic collection.

What’s amazing is the effortlessly and neutral appeal of the outfits which have very little or close to non superficial styling that there for the sake of staging a show. Perfect for wearing on at a tea party on a posh rooftop garden during a mild August evening most of the outfits fit in anywhere one would want to dress sophisticated but in chic way.

+The runway surface suits the collection like a glove.

+Dotted trousers.

+The execution and attention to detail.

+The glossy bags and shoes.

-The fluffy dotted trousers can look like a bit like jammies.

-Slightly more variation would have been welcomed.

-Grade: 9.4/10 In conjunction with the write up it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Dries Van Noten gets the highest rating of any SS09 collection. While the other designers were busy playing with trend and using dark colours, Van Noten spent his time more wisely designing outfits that not only looks like an SS collection but are also posses charm and universal taste. In and out it’s the best SS09 men's fashion show.