Beijing 2008 flashback.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Twelve days of ancient games came to an end this Sunday leaving people with nothing to worth watching in wait for Entourage season 5, Gossip Girl season 2, Ugly Betty season 2 and Prison Break season 4 to commence. China has been an amazing host entertaining the world with one of the astounding performance man has ever created. The innovation and incorporation of a 15 000 people strong force China demonstrated that they are THE rising super power on the planet. Organizers of the London Olympics are probably scratching their heads wondering how they are going to top that since David Beckham kicking a damn ball isn’t move in the right direction.

Anticipated by the fashion crowd was Ralph Lauren’s tailored costume for the US team. Likewise with the Wimbledon uniforms for the stewards and referees RL are once again hustling over priced merchandise on the side. Those living near outlets should spread their wallets open since all unsold Olympic gear is on their ways to outlets where they will be sold at severely reduced priced. Sponsoring the US open as well RL are on aggressive path of fusing fashion and sport into something appealing to everybody while challenging the established sponsors like Nike, Addidas and Puma.

So the American team came out on the arena dressed in the expected colours of the national flag. Thanks to good cuts and various details they didn’t look like British Airways flight attendance. Collaborating with Ralph Lauren really set the USFrance wore the hat a straw styled hat with a ribbon that would have completed the American’s outfit. Joker of the opening ceremony was JapanUS team. If it wasn’t for waving their national flag it would have been next to impossible to guess that they were Japanese team since their outfits were completely dominated by blue and white. Looking very neat the customer designers failed in the way that they dressed the women in the least sexy shorts money can buy.
team apart from the majority who were dressed various semi-grotesque costumes. The only downer was the choice of hat which ruined the pretty image. who turned up dressed very similar to the


jodi moore said...

good info!!

Men's Western Wear said...

I'm not sure I really like the look. Then again, I'm really not a fan of Ralph Lauren.

Adge said...

I'm sorry I have to disagree with you there. Usually you're so sartorially spot on, but when I saw the American athletes walking out into the stadium at the opening ceremonies on television, I was agahst at how poorly made those suits looked and how unbelievably tacky the very visible RL logo was on the blazers. If you want to talk about the perfect fusion between fashion and sport, take a second look at the French uniform. They looked dapper and relatively chic in their seersucker like blazers and navy pants accesorized with white fedoras, which they managed to wear with out looking like the sartorial equivalents of K-Fed. Also I feel that the Netherlands should get a shout out because their light grey suits with white pipping looked fantastic. Good on you Netherlands. But maybe that's just me.

iluwfashion said...

adge: Obviously the fit of the RL outfit wasn't as high fashion as one would have wanted to be. But in the end it's an American team after all and skinny fit isn't a part of their culture, especially when you've got basketball players in the team.

France was one of the better dressed team although their choice of material looked a bit poor. They should team up with a Paris based designer next time.

The logo in indeed a bit obtrusive but Nike, Addidas and Puma have big logos on all their Olympic gear so RL was just playing the same game.

Sadly I don't recall how the Netherlands looked, post a link if you've spot a picture somewhere.