Cold War part II.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Although Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev left office several years ago and the iron curtain is a long forgotten the cold war has risen from the grave. Involving previous super powers Russia and the United States the war has a capitalistic rather than political nature this time. Same as before the war is unexpectedly an absurdly expensive one involving zero physical interaction between both parties.

You might remember the Maltese Falcon, the technological wonder belonging to money flipping Tom Perkins. Until a few weeks ago it was the most the Playstation 3 powered by electronically controlled masts made entirely out of carbon fiber. Sadly for Perkins he had no idea that his equally as overindulgent Russian counterpart was secretly having a toy of his own tailor-made. Russian banking demon Andrey Melnichenko now sits firmly on the throne for the most expensive floating magnum sized schlong prancing through the 4 Oceans.

Hiring super star architect Philippe Starck to craft the interior makes it pretty clear that the yatch didn’t accidentally end up costing £200 000 000 to manufacture. With a length of 120 meters(390ft) the two swimming pools, a helipad and hidden speed boats will ensure that 60 or so guests that can fit on the sea vessel won’t fall into a coma out of boredom. Impressively this battleship look-a-like will cruise across the Atlantic in just 7 days while everyone on board is indulging in luxury very few get the opportunity to take part of.

Onboard a breathtaking yacht like this one has to be dressed appropriately and the only way of achieving a modern day Christopher Columbus look is by wearing oat shoes and a sailing-inspired watch.


Los Angeles River said...

Question: What do you call the box where you put a watch so that it's hands won't stop? It's either vibrating or in the case of the pic attached here, it's spinning (i guess!) I've been trying so hard to find one as a gift to a friend who has at least 5 Rolexes.

Help please!

iluwfashion said...

They are called watch winders and basically rotate the watch mimicking the movement of a wrist that makes the pendulum in the watch swing. Finding a box for 5 watches isn't a problem, I've seen cabinets that can accommodate 15 watches!

Los Angeles River said...

Thanks for the quick response. You helped me figure out a great gift to a friend who seems to have everything (except a watch winder!). Whew! Thanks again.

MB said...

That thing sure one uuuuugly boat.