The relic.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Like the dinosaurs one of the 90s most fashionable items it got phased out. Both functional and aesthetically cool the turtleneck is one of the iconic pieces of clothing ever. Popular amongst meaty body guards for people like Mike Tyson one looked very trendy in a turtle neck with a gold chain hung around the neck. Sadly the good insulator of body heat and protector from breezy weather is no where to be seen on the market.

Today turtle necks are only seen being worn by arrogant art/food critics wearing prescription glasses with thick black frames, and are people of the character who only drinks mineral water and gets en ego boost from talking about themselves in third person. As pompous as it may look wearing a turtle can transform your appearance into a more mature and wise look, especially if holding a whisky glass in your hand. Earthly colours like black, brown, grey, green, burgundy and dark shades of orange work are the best choices to opt for. Bright and funny colours are an absolute NO and will ruin the whole reserved country club gentleman image. The plus side is that turtlenecks are dirt cheap and don’t retail for more than the price of shirt unless you’re eying cashmere scared of catching a rash on your throat. Jay Fielden, editor of the overly elitist and celebrity oriented Men’s Vogue is a prime figure for how to wear a turtleneck whilst matching colours with worlds highest paid fashion editor, Anna Wintour.


Jonas Fred said...

Ah Hassan, my next topic was going to be on turtlenecks but I don't think it would have been any better than this. Oh and where did you get the Steve Mcqueen picture from?

Jonas Fred (The Journal Of Style

iluwfashion said...

Thanks. I actually don't remember where I leeched the MQueen photo from.

Adge said...

Im actually a huge fan of the turtleneck. Its sliming and chic and of course very simple and easy to wear. I'm all for a hint of seventies glamour. I'm glad you did a feature on it.