SS09: Dries Van Noten

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

If one has dreams of ever dressing like a proper man giving up skinny jeans and neon coloured jackets then Dries Van Noten SS09 is the ideal pitstop. Like an automatic gearbox this collection shall ensure a smooth transition to a new wardrobe.

Reaching his peak Dries Van Noten has designed a collection that overshadows anything he has created before. Using materials exquisite as Belgium chocolate Van Noten have managed to bring to about admiration that tend not be evoked by collection of the same style. At first sight the impression made might not give you a summer crush but as one scrolls through the various outfits it all comes together thanks to the glossy peanut butter-coloured shoes. Other details like buttons, traps and accessories further pronounce the degree of passion that conceived this charismatic collection.

What’s amazing is the effortlessly and neutral appeal of the outfits which have very little or close to non superficial styling that there for the sake of staging a show. Perfect for wearing on at a tea party on a posh rooftop garden during a mild August evening most of the outfits fit in anywhere one would want to dress sophisticated but in chic way.

+The runway surface suits the collection like a glove.

+Dotted trousers.

+The execution and attention to detail.

+The glossy bags and shoes.

-The fluffy dotted trousers can look like a bit like jammies.

-Slightly more variation would have been welcomed.

-Grade: 9.4/10 In conjunction with the write up it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Dries Van Noten gets the highest rating of any SS09 collection. While the other designers were busy playing with trend and using dark colours, Van Noten spent his time more wisely designing outfits that not only looks like an SS collection but are also posses charm and universal taste. In and out it’s the best SS09 men's fashion show.