Tax return thoughts.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

It’s August meaning that everybody are rubbing their hands in anticipation for their long awaited tax return to boost the bank account a few digits. Since scarcity is a problem we face everyday with the inability to ever fulfill our materialistic needs most people made plans for the money back long ago. Those in need of some help to find something to blow their money don’t need to look further than this list of wasteful goods.

Lamborghini Wine

No matter how smart of a consumer you are it’s impossible to fully ignore brand. When a manufacturer have imprinted their name in a particular industry it’s hard to accepting them jumping into a completely new field. It’s like when wrestler John Cena produced a rap album, it’s very difficult to take him serious as rapper. In accordance with that the Lamborghini brand name carries no prestige on the bottle of wine. One thing is for sure, the wine won’t make you drive a Lamborghini better.

Bentley branded laptop

It’s no secret that the design of a product can weigh more than features or price. Just ask Apple, they have enjoyed major success in the computer industry. As sexy as the Macbook Pro is the rich aren’t flattered since it’s still a heavily mass produced product. Bentley have come to the rescue by pairing up with laptop manufacturer “Ego” and creating a handbag-shaped laptop covered in a choice of 8 different coloured leather. The Bentley brand name and the limited production of 250 laptops translates in a heart pounding price of £10 000 which is more than an entry level Toyota hatchback.

Tag Heuer phone

Jewelry styled cell phones tend to offer low specs at a high price and the Tag Heuer Meridiist is no exception. Under the skin it’s merely a 2-3 years old phone disguised with crocodile skin and premium metal. Priced at €3900 in Europe it’s nothing but an overpriced lump of steel. One is better spending that money on a Tag Heuer Phone and a HTC Diamond.


Daffen said...

But U have to admit that u really want to taste that wine because u are curious:P

iluwfashion said...

Not really. I don't like wine, taste weird and makes me sleepy. I'm more of a champagne guy=)

Frank & Rémy said...

Not? Dude its Lambo! haha, i agree, wine tastes wierd and causes hang overs!

Join us for a glas of cristal? We can pretend that we´re ballers

David said...

I like the phone and for the wine, its not good...

Los Angeles River said...

that's a pretty cool phone. me wanna !