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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Guess who was feeling a little blue during New York Fashion week at Zac Posen? Jefferson Hack! The name might not ignite sparks but he’s a heavy hitter on the fashion seen as one of the birth parents of well renowned Dazed & Confused fashion magazine as well as ‘Another Magazine’ for men.

As a fashion editor this is your essence, to lead and serve rocking trends before they become trends. While the men’s SS09 fashion weeks just ended a few weeks ago Hack has already managed to get hold of an all surf blue suit well before they hit the showrooms in February next year. Without exaggerating his appearance with other primary colours the suit was in the spot light as he chose to wear a classic white shirt under the blazer. The big question is if he can ever wear it again because it can be compared with a fire cracker, awesome the first time, boring the second time and lame the third time. He could always try selling it to an executive at Dell or Intel to wear during annual internal press conferences.


Raj S said...

Nice Photos. ramping down with blue. Amazing.

Mens designer clothing said...

the blue shirt and tie combo works but thats about it

kathrin said...

hi, i like your blog! xox k