Gieves & Hawkes AW08 suits.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

When bespoke suits come to mind the typical association is a consumer in their mid 40s with an undeserved lord-title living on family residuals. Given that image, Gieves & Hawkes went upstreams against all other Savile Row tailors by having young models look posh in the fall 08 campaign.

The campaign shots look very refreshing and are very relevant to younger fashion conscious under the age of 40. Since G&H are obviously trying to etch themselves onto the hearts of people between 20-35 years of age they better start offering some student discount of some sorts because their suits aren’t exactly bargains. Their top selling three piece gray suit look very compelling but the £650 is quite a hurdle, especially when the sales guy will hustle you into buying a shirt to go with it. 15-20% Discount would ease purchase decision for many fashion loving academics. With a student grant at their disposal a fine quality suit to wear during a life time is an unregrettable purchase. After all isn’t this what students use their grants for, buying a new cell phone, laptop or wardrobe?
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harschsworkexperience said...

Completely agree, £650 is a little pricey.

I work in Public Relations for a v.small tie company based in the UK, and i was wondering where i could forward you some press releases regarding this?

You obviously know and appreciate style!

silhouette rouge said...

i wonder what the ppl in charge of marketing for g&h are thinking using boys this young in their ads. i think it's a little bit risky considering the fact that most ppl in the age bracket they are trying to reach wear more of casual clothing and it's the older ones that wear more of suit's

Terencesambowrites said...

i totally agree with u on the student discounts except of course if the ads are aimed and young Etonians and other lads of wealth

iluwfashion said...

silhouette rouge: You're forgetting that although one might have a casual style there is no escaping from the occasions in life that require you to wear a suit.

Anonymous said...

ok so a young bloke buys 1 or two suits in what... 3 yrs while and older working class(older) bloke buys an average of 10 new suits every year. Who shld they be focusing on from the lame man's point of view?

Gunnar said...

I would love to hear what you think about Henry Cotton's and the "face lift" the brand has gone through.


ESPY Menswear said...

I sure I saw beckham have a suit similar to this

Stylesalvage Steve said...

It's refreshing to see this type of advertising on Savile Row. However, for me Kilgour lead the way in offering something new and exciting when it comes to their ads after using Nick Knight and Peter Saville -

Ah to be a student again. I miss that feeling when you check your bank balance and you can put down your bowl of cereal and actually go out for dinner.

iluwfashion said...

Steve: Hahaha yeah student life ain't easy making big compromises on food and health.

Kilgour are quite innovative. Their website is really something to behold.

Lewis Webb said...

These are gorgeous - and totally ties in with the Brideshead movie release this autumn!

Ikechukwu said...

hear hear to the student discounts. Currently a grad student and I've gotten by on thrift store suits that I've gotten for cheap and fit pretty decent. I usually take them to the tailor to complete the feeling of a steal Brooks Brother's suit for say $15!

As per the marketing conundrum, irrespective of age, you need a suit unless your profession or walks of life don't require one. I met a man the other day who never owned a suit in his life. He was shopping for one with his wife and it didn't look too good :|

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments about the models. G&H is a fantastic brand but there are other retailers in London now offering a more stylish style of tailoring and marketing. A friend of mine went to this company they worked hard on the small design details of the suit and I think it cost less than £600.

Anonymous said...

One has to consider that £650 price is for a three-piece. Basing it on normal G&H prices:

Blazer £350
Trousers £190
(so £540 for the suit)
Vest £110

The main reason for this type of advertising is the Gieves range, which targetted the younger age-market, is not available anymore. Plus, the Father and Son collection did not do so well.

On The Row, they have several young salesperson in the casual/smart section and the start of the suits section whereas on the main suits section, they have the more experienced salespersons.

"older working class(older) bloke buys an average of 10 new suits every year"

10 suits every year, are you sure? Even a crap suit should last 18 months.

Anonymous said...

I don't consider 500 quid alot for a quality suit by any means. I paid nearly 800 for a Hackett suit and it was absolutely rubbish, I took it back and complained about how shabby the workmanship was.

I am actually surprised that off the peg G&W is that affordable. Buy a 200 pound suit and it will last you maybe a year or so. I would expect this to last me 3 years, so do the math. Plus the cut is far and away nicer than anything on the high street.

This obviously depends on how well these off the peg offers are made of course, I saw a Paul Smith suit for 600 pounds that even on the hanger looked like it was made for 20 - It was truly awful. So invest wisely, spend as much as you can afford and be very, very demanding in what you expect.