Image control: Zac Efron

Friday, 12 September 2008

Zac Efron! The name might not ring a bell but the face shall get your brain cells working. Unless you’re familiar with `The High school Musical´ the chances of you being able to associate him with anything is zero.
High School Musical is pretty much what Efron does for a living and is what has made him rise to moderate fame hood. With a fan base consisting 99% of pre-teen girl hanging posters of him in their locker at school Zac Efron has the youngest image in Hollywood. He can impossibly land a cover on GQ right now because he’s so strongly linked to phenomenon such as Disney, Nickelodeon and other teen related tomfoolery. Although the High School Musical and his fan base is to blame for that, he’s equally as accountable for his image.

Constantly wearing a hobbit styled hair cut he looks like a 16 years old Vans and Quicksilver wearing working as a newspaper boy during the summer holiday. Despite turning 21 years next month he looks like kid on and off screen. As he gets older and will aspire to do bigger things like getting a role in block buster movies he is in serious need of an image change. A sex scandal with Madonna would give the right publicity although a simply change in what he wears off set would have the greatest effect.

At the Video Music Awards on Sunday last week he did something special, he finally turned into a man. It was one of those Cinderella moments when someone transforms into something you’d never imagine them as. With the hair combed back and some compulsory facial hair stub Efron actually looked presentable for an audience above the age of 18. Credit is due when credit due and he does deserve compliment for the choice of suit which is cut quite nicely. Who ever chose the colour deserve a curfew, it’s neither pitch black, nor light grey, it’s just dull! More depressing is the tie that is of the type worn by a Manhattan accountant during a 07:00 meeting during a cold February, let’s not get started on how misaligned it is. His stylist should be fired.


Mens designer clothing said...

The guy has really good style, just shame he is known for being in the worst film ever made

Terencesambowrites said...

Alright so a musical is kinda emasculating but bear in mind that the high sch musical franchise has raked in over a billion in profits, all those ppl can't be wrong! n thanx for the comment on his style n i'll further like to say somthing the way i see, Zac Efron is HOT!! n i aint ashamed to speak ma mind!

Anonymous said...

you dont blog enough man, always love to see what you post, but i never get enough!! ugh

iluwfashion said...

I know I not blogging enough and I've still got plenty left to write. The problem is insufficient time.

ARVY said...

he should take a leaf from Vanessa's book for publicity by leaking out nudie pics of himself... or making out with a bloke.