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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

If you were out of contact with the internet the past 3 months the news might have escaped you that eBay lost against LMVH in court back in July. The feud was over eBay not being apprehensive enough in preventing sellers from listing bogus LV bags. As expected an “I’m sorry”-card paired with a 400g pack of Toblerone and a teddy bear wasn’t enough for an apology as Paris court ruled that eBay hand over 40 million Euros to LMVH. But was it really about money? Let’s investigate!

LMVH is a giant, a juggernaut and one of the world’s most profitable corporations. In fact, they are the most powerful corporation in the fashion/luxury industry and profited in excess of 3.5 billion euros last year. In other words they make enough money not to be jealous of the few dollars eBay(includes Paypal) are making from each fake bag sold in auction site. eBay has long been a platform for buying/selling fake goods and LVMH winning the court room battle is a giant leap in the their battle of protecting their image.

2 of the villains in Louis Vuitton’s tarnishing image are undeniably Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. The spoiled and untalented duo and their filmed shenanigans lugging a substantial number of LV suit cases between homes across the US gave the company free exposures other company can only dream about getting……….Well Von Dutch did get theirs as well but ended up becoming unfashionable with no one on the streets wanting to be associated with them after year 2006. Amusingly all the Von Dutch designs reincarnated into Ed Hardy which is a brand worn by the same type of people who loved Von Dutch. Ed Hardy death clock is ticking and by 2010 the brand will be as extinct FILA shoes.

Paris and Nicole’s `Simple Life´ reality show became incredibly popular over the course of a few months and suddenly ever women under the age of 30 knew what a Louis Vuitton bag was. Getting into 2004-2005 big cities were flooded with fake LV bag with young middle class women dreaming about life as a young and attractive socialite. One of those is an immature highly unproductive ex-colleague of mine. Three months ago she told me that she wanted to buy a LV wallet, which doesn’t sound very odd at all…….…until you find out that she’s 17 working her first job. It’s preposterous for a middle-class 17 years old girl to consider a £300 wallet that will on a daily basis carry less money than the value of the wallet itself! Sadly this is the reality of modern day LV with a good portion of middle class consumers putting themselves in debt for street kudos. LV has thanks to high exposure in media become pop culture and a status symbol.

In London there are not only one but two big LV stores as well as three departments in shopping stores like Harrods, Harvey Nicholas and Selfridges. In Selfridges they even have ropes by the entrance restricting the flood of people that frequently descend upon the Louis Vuitton department with ques are similar to what you see at Mcdonalds during lunch hours. With tourists and locals pulling swiping 2-5 different credit cards until one gets approved the most common consumption is unsurprisingly LV Monogram Canvas bags. They are the cheapest, most accessible and most recognizable LV products.
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Coupled with the constant introduction of Monogram Canvas remixes like denim and lately camouflage there is no denying that LV’s image is a on a down hill journey. Even Marc Jacobs expressed his concern over LV milking their success. With increasing retailers and production LV are selling bags to anyone who can afford becoming the liking of people with new money or borrowed money near the verge or turning LV into mainstream luxury. It looks like the greedy stake holders and executives at LV are turning the world’s most prestigious fashion house into the IKEA of luxury.


Terencesambowrites said...

Wow, amazing post, this is the best post i've read this year on any blog.Good job Hassan, someday hopefully soon i wanna write a post like this. U're a genius!

It's business and nothing personal,LV had a case against ebay and they went for it. There's no organization no matter how wealthy that would sit n watch it's money go to other ppl. What LV is able to achieve in profits today is as a result of all the hardwork overtime and they deserve every penny!

Mens designer clothing said...

I see NERD rocking the BBC t-shirts, they look decent but I have not seen much of it in Engalnd yet

iluwfashion said...

Terance: Thanks for kind words. I had a 6 day break from the blog so I thought I would do a comeback with something a little controversial.

Mens: BBC do have a store in London if you didn't know:)

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Great Post...

I've been looking for blogs about fashion and I say this is one of the best I've seen so far.

Keep it up..

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i fninally got my hands onto a monougrouflage keepall :D

ahhhhhh it arrives next week hopefully before christmas