Rock your winter jacket.

Monday, 15 September 2008

As much as well all share a common interest in fashion there’s difference in our and most importantly geographical location. Not all of us live in beautiful Singapore enjoying 365 days a year of 30 degrees Celsius sun rays beaming at us all day long. While some people have never bought a winter jacket in their lives others don’t even own a pair of shorts.

Like with condoms we only buy jackets to protect us from external contamination coming along with bad weather. Since we rarely buy a jacket because we really want one the purchase is rarely made with passion and fashion conscious thought. That ends with the winter jacket dusting lonely all forgotten in the wardrobe over spring and summer until it’s finally time for it to protect and serve again, which might not happen if you suddenly realize what a horrible choice you made last year and feel for a completely new jacket.

Instead of acquiring a new winter jacket solely for its primary function, why buy one which you actually love and want to adopt to your wardrobe. Take it up a notch and get a jacket that you can build outfit with it in as a starting point. That might not be such a crazy idea considering the fact that a winter jacket is worn every single day during the winter. There are days where one wants to dress smart but it’s too bold to just wear blazer, and wearing a jacket on top of the blazer looks bulky or makes you feel stuffed like an astronaut. Given that, wearing a winter jacket alone is the only option but that doesn’t mean the one has to look less smart than someone wearing a blazer. With carefully chosen accessories and trousers the result can be smashing.


Anonymous said...

i just saw an ad in last sunday’s nytimes magazine on men’s fashion men’s fashion (9/7/08) with what looked like a men’s choir composed of 30 men, but upon closer examination, all the guys are the same person. does anyone know what this advertisement was for?

Terencesambowrites said...

Peacoats r du jour this fall!

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