Sweepstake: Walk On Water Punchline

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Walk On Water
Punchline Collection

Granted you’re reading this off a computer rather than an HTC Touch or Wii many of us blog readers use laptops and when leaving the house they need to be dressed as well. Looking slick from top to toe there is no reason why your laptop shouldn’t be dressed fabulously as well. The choice for trendy people has been Crumpler which turns out to be a mainstream choice selling neoprene skins that don’t blend nicely with an elegant outfit.

The savior in the world of geeky laptop skin is here and the Swedish company is called Walk On Water. Like a pearl drifting up on beach they manufacture fashion accessories for laptops. Taking Scandinavian design to more bold and innovative direction Walk On Water are here to break the spell of boring laptop skins/bags, camera and ipod cases. With an emphasis on high quality their products are as durable as they are attractive. Creating numbered limited edition collection Walk on Water sell laptop skin that you will likely not see anyone showing up with at your local Starbucks. To put it into perspective 58, 61 and 114 numbered units of each color pellet of the wallets, 15.4 inch skins and 13 inch skins of the Punchline collection have been manufactured.

Good thing come to those who wait and it’s time for all you loyal iluwfashion readers to be rewarded with a little treat. Translated into straight forward English one Bronze wallet and one 15.4(widescreen) inch laptop skin from the Punchline collection will part ways making their way to happy home.

1. State your name, age and gender.

2. Answer the following collections:

-Who is the design chief at Walk on Water?
-What are the official names of the two other colours the Punchline products are offered in?
-Which store in Gothenburg/Göteborg is selling the Punchline collection?

Answers can conveniently be found on

4. Write a little message about ANYTHING that's on your mind(max 69 words)

5. Send it all to the email address listed in the right column.

Anyone living on planet earth can enter.

The competition is running until the Friday the 26th of September 23:59 London time. Winners will be contacted by mail and will have three days to respond or else someone will inherit the gift.

If unmoved still unmoved then let the photos below seduce you, and both the wallet and skin comes with a black carrying bag.


Terencesambowrites said...

Awesome! me finna tote me laptop innah these cute bags... hhmmn, so sleek and the perforation omg!!!!!!!!! me like! muy caliente

Gee u gotta link back to ma blog,thanx