Vacation: Laptop Safari.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

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So I arrived in Gothenburg Sweden yesterday, my home city. You've been following the blog for a while probably know of the lemon for a laptop that has caused me nightmare(stay away from HP pavilions with Nvidia GPU). I've finally have had enough and took it back to Sweden to claim a replacement or a refund if the customer service start acting cocky.

At the same time I'm taking this 8 day opportunity to catch my breath and take a pause away from stressed Londoners, haven't been in Gothenburg in 10 months!! I'll be back on the Island of her majesty on Wednesday next week. HP will bring on the coffin on Friday and will therefor not be able to write anything until early next week, unless Steve Jobs come rides on a flying unicorn knocking on my bedroom window with a Macbook Pro in his hands at 06:00 tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading!

Update: I'm tired of using technology.

Yes yes I'm alive although I've had one of my wisdom tooths surgically removed today. Words cannot describe the agonizing pain I'm going through right now, the only thing that remotely close is chewing a ninja star on the right side of your mouth. I've filed a complaint for a refund as Hewlett-Packard have exhausted my last joules of energy. To rid myself of computer headaches I'll be ordering a Dell Studio 17 in the next couple of hours bundled with next-business-day-at-home service meaning that the next time my laptop is feeling ill, it will be repaired on the next day. In order words, no more blog hipcups because of computer problems. I'll probably be taking delivery on Friday and will resume writing gibberish this weekend.

Delivery expected on or before the 5th November=(

Update II:
Just checked the status of my order and the laptop just entered “Delivery Preparation” getting packed into a box preparing it for a journey from the factory to my home. In other words it will be in my hand by Friday the 31st October............ideally. Compliments to Michael Dell!

Update III:
It's a done deal, delivery has been schedueled for the next coming days and by this weekend the blog will be back steaming in full motion like a steam train from the industrial revolution.

The computer is in my hands now. Posting resumes in the next 24 hours. Stay tuned!


Femininity in the world of men.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

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During one of my marketing lectures at university this week my professor was giving us a recap on demographics and lifestyles. As he took us through various power point slides one of them stated the definition of metrosexual which was the following:

• Metrosexual: a man who is heterosexual, sensitive, educated, and an urban dweller in touch with his feminine side.

Prada, Fall 2008, AW08, ads, advertisement, campaign
Male narcissism is generally frowned up on making it for the humorous but highly inaccurate definition triggered giggles throughout the lecture hall. What’s certain is that the definition wasn’t extracted from the Oxford Dictionary and as a somewhat vain man it took a good level of strength to not dispute the mockery. As public messiah for mextrosexuality David Beckham one can’t point at an instance when Beckham has not even remotely showed feminine traits in character. Metrosexuality has solely been perceived as a cult engaged in by urban men who highly prioritize their image and appearance. Femininity has never been apart of the game………….until now.

When Prada showcased ballerina skirts and belly button exposing tops for men in Milano earlier this year, Gasps and question marks were the reactions from spectators who were wondering if they really saw a Prada skirt for men or whether the pre-catwalk champagne were playing tricks with their minds. Shockingly no one anticipated a feminine fetish wave rippling through the industry of men’s fashion. Numerous of designers jumped on the band wagon by sprinkling their Men’s SS09 collection with some girly pieces that would make an amusing Halloween outfit.

Alexander Mcqueer topped the fashion season which an exhibitionist styled bathing suit enabling men to finally terrorize the beaches of Sao Paul in the most destructive way. Not even the most hardcore homosexuals would be caught seen wearing anything near this monstrosity. Predicted sales for this item: zero

Not even the most masculine designer has been immune to the flu of blasphemy. We have already seen Tom Ford’s AW08 ads featuring unorthodox posing. Theatrical Thom Browne ran out of ideas for his SS09 show and made a grand finishing for the men’s SS09 with some jawdroppingly despicable brides dresses for men.

The sane one in this sexual confusion was Roberto Cavalli who took the opportunity during men’s fashion week to preview he’s SS09 by tossing in some God sent femininity amongst the men on the catwalk. Gorgeous Natasha Poly, Kim Noorda and others showed up on the catwalk tanned as pretzel looking just as thin as well. Nonetheless it’s estrogen in its purest form.
Natasha Poly, Roberto Cavalli, SS09, Spring Summer 2009Kim Noorda, Roberto Cavalli, SS09, Spring Summer 2009, Men's


Omega Planet Ocean - Quantum of Solace.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Omega Planet Ocean, Quantum of Solace, James Bond, Daniel Craig, 007
Get ready for the James Bond because in the coming weeks leading to the release of the movie you’ll be hearing and reading whole lot about Quantum of solace.

In addition to the Aston Martin and Sony gadgets a Bond movie isn’t complete without a watch from Omega. Keeping the Bond watch collectors happy Omega has, like with previous movies of the franchise, designed a limited edition Quantum Solace watch. Instead of taking a standard Omega watch and blantly just slap 007 on it and sell it in a decorative Bond box for a premium price, Omega have made an effort this time. A 45mm Planet Ocean is the template this time and has been blacked out for a more masculine look. High light in the charade is the dail that has been decorated with the grip pattern of a Walther PPK handgun. 5 007 units of this gorgeous watch will leave Omega’s factory. One of the best Bond watches manufactured in a long time.

Omega Planet Ocean, Quantum of Solace, James Bond, Daniel Craig, 007

Omega Planet Ocean, Quantum of Solace, James Bond, Daniel Craig, 007, Mr. Bond, Watch